Petr Lvov

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are Scaling Up Their Activities Against Iran


A military delegation of high-ranking officers from Saudi Arabia and the UAE recently visited a Kurdish SDF base in Aïn al-Arab (Kobani) on the Syrian border with Turkey. They discussed practical questions connected with replacing the US military presence there with troops from…

Washington’s Gas War agaisnt Russia is Picking Up Steam


It is clear that Washington is doing everything it can to cast a blow to the Russian economy, while putting a particular emphasis on wrecking its gas trade. So, it one won’t be surprised to learn that every effort is taken to…

Daraa Governorate is the Next Stop for Damascus


With  Syrian armed forces having liberated the outskirts of Damascus, East Ghouta and the Palestinian refugee camps of Yarmouk, the time has come for them to launch an offensive into the south-western province of the Daraa, which served as the so-called cradle of Syria’s “color…

Iran is Fighting Tooth and Nail for Its Positions in Iraq and Syria


The fact a couple Russian military advisors together with dozens of Syrian soldiers have recently perished in the Deir ez-Zor area indicates the United States together with its allies carries on with preparations to cast a decisive blow in southwest…

Has Washington Just Declared War on Iran?


On May 21, newly-appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voiced a total of 12 conditions that Iran must promise to fulfill in order for the US to return to the Iran nuclear deal Washington recently and unilaterally abandoned in the violation…

A Fight to the Death: Are There Viable Options Left for Iran?


As soon as US President Donald Trump chose to back away from the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program on May 8, a series of strikes were launched against Iranian detachments serving in Syria by the Israel Air Force. It has now become clear that the US and Israel…

Syria’s Endgame Can Get Ugly Really Fast


While Syrian troops carry on their liberation of Damascus’ suburbs from radical militants with the support of Iranian troops and Shia militia detachments, the United States and Saudi Arabia are planning to take advantage of Ankara’s tacit consent and launch a decisive blow against…

Syria: Long Way off to Peace


The Intra-Syrian Dialogue Congress held on January 30, 2018 in Sochi, which was missed out by the major opposition forces – the Sunni organizations supported by Saudi Arabia and the USA, and the Kurds of the Syrian Democratic Forceswhose participation was opposed by Turkey, was doomed in advance to…

Is Iran Suffering a Color Revolution or Demanding a Change?


As is pretty much always the case, Middle Eastern leaders have once again failed to stop the beginnings of yet another “color” revolution, or at least an attempt to trigger one. This time it is Iran that has found itself staring down the barrel of this…

Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem Demonstrated the Arabs’ Weakness


After the recent decision of Donald Trump to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, thus formally recognizing it as the capital of Israel, many expected a stormy reaction of the Arab and the Islamic world. However, nothing special happened. One…

Putin’s Middle East Tour: Russia is Not Going Anywhere


Over the last couple of days, Russian President Vladimir Putin conducted a series of visits back-to-back, visiting Syria, Egypt and Turkey in less than 48 hours. In spite of the brief nature of these visits, Russia’s leader managed to hold extensive discussions with…

President Putin’s Visit to Turkey


On 11 – 12 December the Russian president Vladimir Putin, as part of his lightning tour of the Middle East also visited Turkey, where he had a private meeting with Recep Erdoğan, and also had important and wide-ranging discussions at the delegation level with the most important representative of economic departments…

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