Petr Lvov

The Likelihood of War with Iran


The analytical group SouthFront recently released a remarkable video about the possibility of a war involving Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Israel. Of course, this inevitably means that the war would involve Russia and the United States as well. To understand the context…

With Everybody on the Winner’s Side Syria Found Itself Over a Barrel


Unfortunately, the long awaited diplomatic breakthrough in the ongoing Syrian settlement process, which was discussed at the end of the last month by the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Sochi, failed to come to…

Changes in the Military Situation in Syria: the New Position


Bashar al-Assad, when he arrived in Sochi on 20 November for a meeting with President V. Putin, was evidently premature in his declaration that ISIS had been completely defeated in Syria: in one…

The Goofy Billionaire Overnight Saudi Prince is Going After Iran


Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri, who announced his surprise resignation in Riyadh, has recently announced his intention to return to Beirut. In fact it was the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, who still needs an excuse to provoke…

Russia’s Difficult Decision in Syria is to be Discussed with Ankara and Tehran


It’s been reported that leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet in Sochi on November 22 to discuss the Syrian conflict, and specifically, settlement matters. This meeting is in no way connected with the Syrian National…

Iran vs Israel: Things Went South


It’s been noted time and time against that an abrupt increase in the level of tensions observed today in the Middle East can be attributed to the steps that Israel and Saudi Arabia have been taking. In addition to the uneasy situation with Lebanon, Tel-Aviv kicked…

Saudi Arabia Begins System Reform


On November 4, 11 princes of the royal Al Saud Family, 38 active and retired ministers, as well as several dozen senior officials, were arrested in Saudi Arabia. This was formally done under the guise of fighting corruption. In reality, however, this action is part of a purge…

Is Iran Facing a Greater Regional War in the Making?


On the morning of November 10, it was announced that US President Donald Trump would not be holding an exclusive meeting with his Russia’s counterpart President Vladimir Putin during the APEC summit in Vietnam after all. This announcement came as a big…

DAISH on the Verge of Total Defeat


The offensive on Kirkuk launched by the Iraqi army with the support of Iran may apparently end not only with the defeat of the Iraqi Kurds, which has already happened in principle, but also with the total defeat of the DAISH on Iraqi…

Washington is Planning to Withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal


Recently, US President Trump has come forward with a proposal to roll back the so-called “nuclear deal” with Iran, that was signed with the assistance of 5 permanent members of…

Why Would Saudi King Visit Russia


Last week Moscow was visited by Saudi ruler Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud accompanied by an entourage of a hundred people carried out in order to hold meetings with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev…

UN on the Verge of Reform?


Immediately following the opening of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, a process preceding launch of a procedure for a large-scale reform of the structure and principles of the UN was initiated. The declaration by United States President Donald Trump of the change…

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