Petr Lvov

Will an Independent Kurdistan be Created?


Despite the fact that the United Nations, LAS, the United States of America, Russia and the countries sharing borders with Turkey — Syria and Iran, as well as all the Arab States, not to mention the central government of Baghdad, have protested in advance, the parliament…

Tehran Wants to Become a US Policeman in the Middle East


The first steps on the path to Iran’s rapprochement with the United States were made back in 2001, when Washington began preparing the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq under the goofy pretext that Baghdad was in possession of…

Saudi Arabia is Setting a Trap for Moscow Yet Again


Apparently, Washington has decided to crush Russia along with Iran and Syria, without waiting for the arrival of Hillary Clinton as a newly elected head of state. It looks like behind the scenes, rulers of America are afraid of…

Gas Powerplay Geopolitics in the Middle East


When less than a week ago Russia and Turkey unexpectedly began normalizing their relations, experts were left guessing what this normalization was all about. Yet, they have completely forgotten about a very important economic…

The Far Reaching Consequences Brexit Will Have on the Middle East


It seems that Ankara was the first understand that the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU would have far-reaching implications. The weakening European Union will not be able to oppose Washington’s actions in the Middle…

Negotiations on an Intra-Yemeni Settlement on the Brink of Collapse


When the Arab, or more appropriately, the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which is keen on suppressing the power of the Shiite-Houthi rebels supported by Iran and allied militias of the former President Ali Abdallah Saleh…

Qatar Carries On its Vicious Anti-Russian Policies


One couldn’t help but notice that the Persian Gulf monarchies have recently started sending their emissaries to Moscow and Sochi way too often. This statement is particularly true when we take a close look at the actions of…

How Saudi Arabia’s Pump-and-Dump Strategy Has Been Affecting Russia?


Despite the fact that Russia has been repeatedly deceived by Riyadh’s empty promises, it seems that there’s still some circles in Moscow that carry on believing the claims that one day Riyadh will invest tens of…

Saudi Oil Price Dumping Has Backfired Big Time


There is an old saying that still remains true to the present day: “when you plot mischief for others, you’re preparing trouble for yourself.” This saying describes perfectly what has happened to Saudi Arabia and a number of its GCC allies that…

Reshaping of the Middle East Has Begun


It is sad, but the process of redistribution of the Middle East’s territory established after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire a hundred years ago, has begun again. There’s little doubt that Iraq and Syria are going to be those affected by…

Disintegration of Iraq Will Take Days Now


As the international community was absorbed by the rapidly changing situation in Syria, where government forces are finally getting an upper hand, the situation in Iraq has slipped the attention of the better part of geopolitical analysts. The rapid…

Saudi Arabia is on the Brink of Regime Change


It seems that Saudi Arabia has started to undergo the transformation various experts predicted. Those became obvious when the sitting king Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud replaced his deceased elder brother Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in January…

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