Petr Lvov

Anti-Yemen Campaign Resulted in a Shia Rebellion in Saudi Arabia


On June 3 the capital of Yemen was subjected to a new massive air raid launched by the Arab coalition. After that initial attack, regular air bombardments were resumed with renewed severity. We are talking about dozens of…

Syria: Iran Is Going In


Recently a number of sources on the net started citing an influential London-based newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat that is funded by Saudi Arabia. According to these sources the newspaper claimed that Russia is going to turn its back on Syria. Allegedly, after a number of…

Washington is Targeting Russian Pipelines Yet Again


Russia’s Gazprom has clearly demonstrated excessive optimism by starting the construction of the so-called Turkish Stream right off the bat. Apparently it is has not calculated the geopolitical situation around Russia properly…

Damascus and Baghdad May Soon Fall Into the Hands of ISIL

While analysts were trying to guess who was the weak link in Syria, where renewed opposition forces are preparing a…

US has Launched a New Assault Against Russia

If someone had the impression that the visit of Secretary of State John Kerry to the town of Sochi, followed…

Syrian Regime is Going Down in Flames

After four years of bloody civil war in Syria, severely affected by external interference, it appears that the regime in…

Saudi Aggression: Yemen Strikes Back

It seems that the Yemeni rebels – the Houthis - have lost patience with Saudi bombs raining upon their heads,…

What are the Implications of “Saudi Reshuffle”?

Now that the initial wave of disputes over the major overhaul of Saudi government that occurred on April 29 settled…

Who has Championed the Lausanne Nuclear Deal?

Only a few days after the enthusiastic comments and statements about the "historic breakthrough" in Lausanne in the negotiations on…

US is Losing its Economic War Against Russia

Those who genuinely believe that the US and the West have unleashed a full scale economic war against Russia because…

Energy Aggression Against Russia is Expanding

During his recent trip to Ankara, President Vladimir Putin said on December 1 that the construction of the South Stream…

Russia, Islam and the New World Order

In his speech at a meeting of the Valdai Club on October 24 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made a number of frank, sharp remarks regarding US policies. In…

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