Petr Lvov

Redistribution of Hydrocarbons According to Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State in the administrations of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, in his…

ISIS – an Anti-Shia Political Tool

In recent days, the Iraqi army has successfully executed a number of strikes against ISIS. Most importantly, Iraqi regular troops have managed to…

New Dimensions of Terrorism in Algeria

Terrorism persists as one of the most serious problems in Algeria despite the tough stance of the military and security…

The US has Unleashed a Conflict with ISIS which it Can’t Win

News media worldwide reported on 13 October that Turkey will give the United States and its allies access to its…

The US is getting stuck in the Middle East

All the past wars and conflicts seem to have taught Washington nothing, since it's no wiser than it used to…

The US Сannot Вefeat the Islamic State with Air Strikes Alone

The aircraft of the United States' "partners" of the "coalition" to combat ISIL launched new strikes on the positions of…

John Kerry’s visit to the Middle East: US moves on Russia from the south

Secretary of State John Kerry finished his weekend tour of the Middle East, arriving in Paris to participate in an…

The US is Yet Again Trying to Create an Oil and Gas Collapse in Russia

New Eastern Outlook collage - 337
The failed US politics in the Ukraine who, under the threat of having its army destroyed and with an economy…

Russian LNG – The road to reducing dependence on the West

The Ukrainian crisis and attempts by the U.S. and its closest allies in the EU, mainly Poland and the Baltic…

The global implications of the Iraq crisis

These days, when Europe and the Middle East are remembering the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World…

Turning point in the fight against radical Islam in Iraq

The ISIS group, which has previously seized part of the territory of Iraq and Syria, announced on June 29th the…

The political dimensions of the current conflict in Iraq

To the extent that the battle in Iraq continues between the coalition of ISIS and other Sunni militant groups, tribal…

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