Petr Lvov

Where America’s true goals lie in the Middle East

After State Secretary John Kerry’s visit to Iraq, it became crystal clear that Washington does not intend to thrust its…

American Politics: the Breakdown in Iraq has Begun

As much as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tries to paint a smiley face on his army's fighting against ISIS warriors and…

Iraq and Ukraine: The End of the American Empire

In unleashing the war in Iraq in March 2003 in order to start implementing its plan of the democratization of…

Russia Faces New Gas Challenges

Despite numerous attempts undertaken by Russia and Ukraine with the assistance of the European Union to resolve the gas dispute,…

War in Iraq: Lessons for Moscow and Tehran

Throughout the 14th and 15th of June there was very conflicting information coming out of Iraq and neighboring countries about…

The US Keeps on Waging a Gas War on Russia

As it was predicted in the previous article, the US has been doing everything it possibly can to complicate the…

The US is attempting to organize a redistribution of the European energy market

Once the current and illegitimate authorities in Kiev, in their most insolent manner, ceased hiding the fact that they were…

Washington’s Actions Regarding Ukraine Are Subverting Nuclear Nonproliferation

Washington's dispute with Russia over Ukraine significantly undermines U.S. nonproliferation in the Middle East, which has been a cornerstone of…

The Wind of Change hits Saudi Arabia

The US is gradually moving away from close ties with Saudi Arabia and the GCC, shifting its focus towards Asia.…

What can the pro-Western foreign policy of President H. Rouhani bring?

According to many Western, Russian, Arabic and Iranian analysts, the interim arrangement reached by the group of permanent UN Security…

Who is going to extinguish the fire in the Persian Gulf?

The escalation in the Persian Gulf after the withdrawal of ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain from Doha,…

United States in the face of a Salafi threat

The United States is beginning to pay for its “work” on engaging extremist and radical Islamist groups to overthrow secular…

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