Petr Lvov

The War in Iraq Intensifies

On February 5 the most protected "green zone" of Baghdad was rocked by four explosions. At least 33 people were…

Dangerous games around the Sochi Olympics

In late January, the Islamist group of Ansar al-Sunna, based in Iraq, assumed the responsibility for the December terrorist attacks…

Can the Middle East become a WMD-free Zone?

In recent days the topic of transforming the Middle East into a zone free of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)…

New face of the Middle East after the Arab Spring

It's been three years after the beginning of the “Arab spring” that initially started in Tunisia and was immediately followed…

Assessing the situation in Iraq

As we approach April 30, 2014, the date of parliamentary elections in Iraq, the military and political situation in the…

Saudi Arabia’s religious problems set the premise for a schism in the kingdom Part 2

The situation of the Saudi Ismailis in Najran, unlike that of the Eastern Province Shia, has not garnered much attention…

Saudi Arabia’s religious problems set the premise for a schism in the kingdom Part 1

Mideast Saudi Women
As categorically maintained recently in Riyadh, Iran traditionally considers the factor of religion to be a convenient bargaining tool in…

The protracted Syrian war continues

Although the execution of the UN Security Council Resolution 2118 – a part of which deals with the destruction of…

Who is Hindering the OPCW Inspectors’ Work in Syria

The international inspectors responsible for the control of the chemical weapons' destruction process in Syria left their hotel in Damascus…

Syria and the UN Security Council: anti-Russian trap or “salvation”?

According to the latest information from New York, the Security Council’s resolution on Syrian chemical weapons has been approved by…

Iranian take on the Russia’s peaceful initiatives in Syria.

During his speech at the Valdai conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the chemical attack in Syria that…

Syria: The Fabricated Evidence

There's no need in specifying all the details of the Assad regime alleged use of chemical weapons – all the…

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