Martin Berger

Fethullah Gulen Made Turkey anti-American


Turkey, an old US ally in the Middle East, has always been regarded by Washington as a forward outpost. This explains the amount of attention America would pay to both Turkey’s foreign and internal policies, along with all the machinations the White House used to prevent Ankara from seeking rapprochement with Moscow and a number…

So Just how Effective is the Most Expensive Military Machine in History?


For the better part of the Cold War the West would typically rely on its advanced weapons systems in its bid to contain the Soviet Union. Washington would adhere to the tactics of quantitative counterbalancing, building much less tanks and jets that the Warsaw Pact countries while…

UK’s Hysteria, Provocations and Accusations Do Not Make Oil Cheaper


Throughout centuries, one of the most distinctive features of British foreign policy has been its extensive use of disinformation that would be used to skew public perception of certain event in a way that would be advantageous to London’s imperial aspirations. Previously, this tactics allowed Britain to reap…

Washington’s “Airborne Raid” on Turkmenistan


It’s about time to carry on the discussion of the string of appointments of new US ambassadors to various states. In this context, one cannot overlook Washington’s recent attempt to “establish military foothold” in Turkmenistan that occurred on June 25. It’s curious that the role of the “landing task force” in this attempt…

New US Ambassador to Turkey – Bad Marriage No More?


Proceeding with the discussion of a number of ambassadors appointed by the Trump administration to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan along with the discussion of the present state of US-Turkey relations, it’s about to time to take a closer look at the role the new US ambassador to Ankara is going to play in…

Operation Mockingbird is Alive and Well in Central Asia


The internal situation in those countries where Washington tested its “color revolutions” tactics is clearly showing that there’s a direct correlation between the message that local media sources would try to push and the level of “revolutionary sentiments” that could result in a coup d’etat largely detrimental to the country…

Are the Concerns Surrounding the Death of Mohamed Morsi Legitimate?


In mid-June, right in the middle of the hearing of his case in a Cairo court, Egypt’s former president, Mohamed Morsi died from a “sudden heart attack.” This was reported by Reuters with a reference to an unnamed source in local medical circles. In the aftermath of this untimely…

No Peace Allowed in Afghanistan


Whatever hopes of returning to normal life regular Afghans have had until recently, these days those are all but dissolving like a morning mist. The so-called Afghan reconciliation summit that was to be held in Qatar has been put on the back burner indefinitely. It was envisioned…

New US Ambassador to Uzbekistan – You Just don’t Wanna Know


The ever increasing influence of Russia and China in Central Asia is keeping the United States fairly agitated. Predictably enough, over the last couple of years Washington has noticeably stepped up its efforts to dominate the region through both economic and military means…

Taliban Wants to Ensure that the US won’t Try to Play Dirty Yet Again


No more than a couple of months ago the US Congress would discuss an act on the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Yet, in spite of an extensive amount of effort invested by the international community into the resolution of the Afghan war, the conflict that…

Is there a Way Out of the US-Turkey Deadlock


Washington’s overt aggressive behavior on the international stage provoked by its desire to impose its own vision of the way that the Middle East must look in the future has pushed most of its traditional allies away from it. So it’s only natural that the US keeps losing allies…

Why Washington’s Arab-NATO Doomed to Failure from the Start


Even after hitting a number of stumbling blocks on the road to the establishment of an anti-Iranian military bloc of Sunni states – the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA), Washington would still carry on its attempts to create a unified armed opposition to its primary…

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