Matthew Crosston

It’s a MAD MAD MAD Cyber World

Many cyber experts state that the United States is woefully ill-prepared for a sophisticated cyber-attack and that each passing day…

The Role of Social Media in Revolution Movements

The Intelligence Community, regardless of regime type, has famously always tried to co-opt and ultimately adopt advancements and evolutions in…

Obama: The Foreign Policy Closet Conservative

Analyzing President Obama’s foreign policy, or rather, analyzing the intellectual and positional evolution of his global positions is no easy…


If you spend some time listening to reputable news shows all across the West you will start to notice several…

The Unintended Precedent of Maidan

Oh how fickle and strange ‘revolutions’ can be. Perhaps the Western academic world can be forgiven for its presumptuousness: after…

Reluctant Dragon: The Chinese Intelligence Condition

While China has accepted human security as a new framework to study modern security challenges, it has been very busy…

The Strange Case of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

This piece investigates the unique peculiarities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Instead of being a Eurasian counterpart to the…

Surrounded Tiger: The Indian Strategic Intelligence Condition

The complexity of India’s foreign policy and domestic power dilemmas has led to many Western states inaccurately judging the country’s…

The Folly of Sanitized Cyber War

The debate over the applicability or non-applicability of international law to cyber war and the need for a cyber-specific international…

Syria, Russia, and the US: Cold War Residue Redux

Though Syria has somewhat fallen off the media radar in the West because of a Malaysian plane crashing into the…

Eco-Conflicts and ‘Green Spies’

Ecological dilemmas are moving beyond the realm of local environmental, health and human population studies to a more dangerous transnational…

US: The Drone Tipping Point

American drone utilization is predicated upon the exclusive and exceptional ability of the United States to dictate terms to all…

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