Matthew Crosston

Vladimir Putin and the West: To Dance or Not to Dance

These are the days of our discontent. At least, this is likely the lament privately voiced by many in the…

Beware the Sheep with Fangs

Starting to heat up the Internet (well, at least in Russia and Eastern Ukraine, while likely not even to be…

Crimea: What Comes Next?

These are the days of our Spring discontent. It is ironic to consider that as events continue to unfold in…

Reuters on Crimea: The Triumph of Hypocrisy

Source: Evgeny Feldman
March 16, 2014 marks the day when the people of Crimea go to the voting booths to decide whether they…

US and Russia: Bringing a Knife to a Foreign Policy Gunfight

Source: State Department
At the present writing there has not been a final resolution to the crisis in Crimea and the possibility of…

The Dilemma of Duplicity: The Three Maestros of the Crimea

The events transpiring in the aftermath of the ‘EuroMaidan’ Revolution in Kiev are clearly multi-faceted and complex. What is clearly…

US and the Problem of Being a Geopolitical Prom Queen

I have some bad news for the United States. Russia doesn’t listen to America. Unfortunately, I have worse news: contrary…

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