Maxim Egorov

China’s Primacy in Africa: How Does this Even Work?


At the very beginning of September, a grand Chinese-African forum was held in Beijing, bringing the heads of 54 African states and 27 regional organizations to the table. The unprecedented scale of the event is reflected in the number of political and economic breakthroughs that…

Is it Possible to Bring an End to the War in Yemen?


During last month’s Valdai forum – one of the most prestigious in Russia, involving respected experts from around the world – there was a discussion of how the Yemen crisis could be resolved. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, took part in the forum, clearly defining…

Hot November in Riyadh


This November in Riyadh, colder than ever, turned out be hot in the political sense and provided Saudi Arabia the front-page spaces of the world mass-media outlets. To be more precise, it was secured by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohhamad Bin Salman Al Saud, who, throughout the whole month…

Libya at the Crossroads: Where is the Caravan of History Headed?


Although in recent months, Libya has not been in the focus of attention of top-level politicians and the global media at large, nevertheless, several developments have occurred that are actually quite important, albeit…

Washington’s Newly Rediscovered Time-Tested Approach Towards Saudi Arabia


It’s curious that all through the last year as the presidential elections in the United States were approaching, Donald Trump was harassed by virtually all Saudi media media sources. Now, just a few days ago, he was…

The Pope in Egypt


The visit of Pope Francis to Egypt on April 28-29, 2017 (previously, the Pope visited the Middle East three years ago – Jordan, Palestine, and Israel in 2014) could have become historical had it not been for the conflict surrounding the DPRK…

Saudi Reforms and the Future of Mohammed bin Salman


On April 22, as was already customary in the era of King Salman and his son, Prince Mohammed, a series of royal decrees were unexpectedly adopted and immediately published. The essence of these decrees is twofold: on the one hand…

Does Washington have a Viable Strategy in Syria


The recent US attack against Syrian forces deployed at the Shayrat airbase carried out with the use of a total of 59 Tomahawk missiles at the beginning of this month has marked a new milestone in Washington’s military and…

Donald Trump’s Approach to the Middle East


Donald Trump’s inauguration was accompanied by an array of scandals that were staged by the opponents of the new US President. However, Trump’s problems don’t stop there, since he’s got a number of foreign policy challenges at hand…

Iran and Sanctions: What is Wrong?


After the problems with the Iranian nuclear program (INP) had been solved, Iran’s path to liberation from sanctions proved to be long and challenging. After the well-known agreement between the six global powers with Tehran…

Has JASTA Become the Deal Breaker in Saudi-US Relations?


The unanimous adoption of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) by the US House of Representatives on September 9 resulted in a massive diplomatic row between the US and Saudi Arabia. For sure, this latest episode…

Libya: the Two Realities


At the moment, when the whole world’s attention is drawn to the highly difficult situation in Syria, to the US and Russian efforts to work out a ceasefire agreement and to the joint fight against ISIL, the situation in Libya, another State ruined by the efforts of Western countries…

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