Maxim Egorov

What is the Anti-Terrorism Coalition Trying to Achieve?

The anti-terrorism coalition assembled by the United States with help from its Persian Gulf and western European allies is gaining…

Pope Francis Visits the Middle East

On May 26th Pope Francis concluded his 2 day trip to the Middle East. The Vatican has from the very…

Persian Gulf Confidential

Late at night on April 17 the Arab media outlets reported that a mysterious meeting of foreign ministers of the…

Qatar and Saudi Arabia: the Scandal is Gaining Steam

The scandal, which started on March 5, after the withdrawal of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain ambassadors from Qatar,…

Prince Bandar and Saudi passions

On February 9–16, the Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, paid an official visit to Washington. In…

GSO Summit: Riyadh’s intentions and the actual outcomes Part 2

Despite this experience, which has so far been more or less fortunate for the Saudis, the initiative to create a…

GSO Summit: Riyadh’s intentions and the actual outcomes Part 1

The summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO), which concluded on 11 December in Kuwait, had been planned by…

Saudi Arabia and Human Rights

November 12, the UN General Assembly elected 14 new members of the Human Rights Council, a subsidiary body of the…

Al-Qaeda and the Syrian conflict

After the recent successful offensive by Syrian government troops against Islamicjihadists, opponents of Syrian reconciliation are actively seeking further opportunities…

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