Natalia Rogozhina

India to Protect its Consumers


For nearly two months there has been a simmering scandal in India over the Swiss company Nestle, which produces instant noodles under the brand name Maggi Noodles. Six types of this product are sold in the country accounting for 70% market share. According to a report…

Russia Сonsolidates its Position in Thailand

Thailand is known to Russians as an extremely popular holiday destination, which only last year was visited by 1.6 million…

Jihadists in Thailand

Thailand has a special place among a number of South-East Asian countries, threatened by the spread of the jihadist movement,…

USA – China: Climate Agreement

The agreement on cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions signed by Barack Obama and Xi Jinping on the eve of…

ISIS and its riches

ISIS's ability to control a large territory in Syria and Iraq, to recruit new allies, to maintain a big functioning…

Tragedy in Bhopal – Thirty Years Later

The thirtieth anniversary of the terrible tragedy in Bhopal did not pass unnoticed in India. MPs paid tribute to the…

Indonesia: A Tidbit for the ISIS

Responses to events in the Middle East have drifted all the way to Indonesia, and with such force that they…

Indian authorities close down Coca-Cola factory

The closing down of the recently built factory belonging to Coca-Cola in India, located close to Varanasi in the state…

Xi Jinping’s Visit to India

The experts are saying that Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India from 17 to 19 September marks a new…

US Sanctions Against Thailand

There's little doubt that today the United States is one of the most active "fighters" for human rights all across the…

Deforestation in South-East Asia (SEA)

Among the many reasons leading to the deforestation in SEA countries, accounting for a quarter of all the world’s reserves…

Air Pollution May Deal a Fatal Blow To China And India

Climate change has to some degree taken priority over other ecologic problems humanity faces. But the World Health Organization's recently…

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