Natalia Rogozhina

China’s Hydroelectric Policies

China has built the largest number of dams in the world, but the implementation of its plans for hydropower development…

Water Policy Of Israel Regarding Palestine

Since 1948, when the Jewish state was created, there have been constant clashes over water between Israel and its Arab…

The American Company Freeport And Their Activity In Indonesia: The Social And Ecological Cost

The world’s largest company mining gold and copper, U.S. based Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc., has been is firmly established…

The Development of Asian Countries in Changing Climate Conditions

The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, during his visit to the countries of Asia in February of 2014, urged…

Eastern Countries and The Risks of Green Development

The problem of green development continues to generate a great deal of controversy. This was evident during the course of…

Climate Change: A Threat to The Security of The Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa

The topic of climate change is now on everyone’s lips and is considered a priority at the global level, yet…

Climate Change and the “Arab Spring”

The “Arab Spring” forced us to once again re-interpret all the problems facing the Middle East, including ecological issues which,…

Water Conflicts in Central Asia and Russia’s Position

The inter-state disputes over the nature of trans-boundary water resources, which have not ceased for more than 20 years, represent…

The Thailand Puzzle

It appears that the fight for democracy has been dragging on for years in Thailand. The country has now been…

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