Nina Lebedeva

Chagos Islands: Will the Resettled Population See an End to Their Tragedy?


A Chinese delegation headed by Wang Chen, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, visited Mauritius from June 8-11, 2019 for a meeting with the country’s Prime Minister, Pravind…

OBOR Initiative: Critics and New Members


The second BRF-2019 Summit in Beijing became a landmark event that marked achievements of this infrastructure project, which, in 2016, changed its former name One Belt, One Road (OBOR) to Belt Road Initiative (BRI). The word ‘Belt’ refers to land routes, while ‘Road’ to maritime routes, the words “one, one” were removed from…

What direction is China’s OBOR Initiative Moving in and How is it Progressing?


Discussions, meetings and banquets at the 2019 Belt and Road Forum in Beijing have finally come to an end. More than 150 delegates attended this event. What can we discern about this project at this stage? Have any new sceptics, opponents or proponents of China’s global initiative, which celebrated…

Why is the US-Japan-Australia-India Format being Revived?


One clearly evident trend in the last year has been a revival of the QUAD Security Dialogue, consisting of four democratic nations: the USA, Japan, Australia and India. There have been a lot of comments on this process, from politicians, political observers and the media, and…

OBOR Five Years Later: Some Results and New Alternatives


Five years have passed since October 2013, when China unveiled its large scale and comprehensive OBOR project, which held the promise of quite a few benefits to its numerous participants for mutual trade and economic ties, financial hubs, infrastructure (port construction, high speed auto and railways, pipelines), tourist…

How Feasible is Beijing’s Ambition to Create a Global Base Network?


After opening its first official fully fledged foreign base in Djibouti in July 2017, Beijing has continued developing it. According to the information provided by Jane’s Defence Weekly, the Chinese are quickly building large quays and moorings for battleships and secret…

How Does Djibouti Resemble the Small Tower from the Russian Folk Tale?


On the territory of a dwarfish (23,000 sq. km) East African country, Djibouti, located on the shores of the Red Sea, which connects the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean, the bases of the former overlords – France (essentially…

India in the Race for Military Bases


In late January 2018, the media reported that India is finalizing a document with France (apparently it would become official in early March during a visit by French President E. Macron to Delhi) on military logistics similar to the USA of August 2016, according to which the Indian…

Why Iran’s Maritime Ambitions Growing?


Many leading politicians, experts, and the media could no doubt not fail to notice that, almost from the first days of his stay at the White House, US President Donald Trump has methodically darkened the clouds over the skies of Iran. On 29 January…

“One Belt, One Rode” (OBOR) – How is the Chinese Project Perceived in India?


At the ” One Belt, One Road” forum held in Beijing in May 2017 – with much pomp – the absence of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was associated by almost all world mass media with…

India Makes Raisina Dialogue Geopolitical Forum a Tradition


On January 17-19, 2017, New Delhi once again hosted Raisina Dialogue, a large-scale international conference. Over a relatively short period, the conference has not only clearly become a tradition, but has also become one of…

American Military Base on Diego Garcia: What’s Next?


The 50 years term of the agreement between Great Britain and the USA regarding the Pentagon’s lease of Diego Garcia atoll, which is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, for…

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