Konstantin Penzev

Mr. Troll from Washington

It should be noted that the recent statements coming from representatives of the U.S. government are characterized by some confusion…

USA – The organizer of international terror. Part 5

What are they fighting for? Once, the Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin said: “Every revolution is only worth something if…

USA – The Organizer of International Terror Part 4

Ideological Terror It is no need to explain to a Russian what the ideological terror is. There was a time…

USA – The organizer of international terror. Part 3

The U.S. administration is actively cooperating with international terrorism. You may doubt this fact as much as you like, but…

USA – Organizer of International Terror Part 2

Revolutionary terror What do the terrorists want to achieve by means of violence and lawlessness? According to the online encyclopaedia…

USA – The Organizer of International Terror. Part 1

 Drones and terror The question of “Who is the main fighter against international terrorism?” may seem naive to a person…

Japan and China: Relations Deteriorate

Long-standing conflicts in the Asia-Pacific Region, increased economic competition and an open course of a number of the Asia-Pacific Countries…

ASEAN and the Struggle for Global Leadership

Global Leadership Poll-3
China has not raised any claims in the debate about global leadership yet, and it did not want to deprive…

Russia’s priorities in the East for 21st century

In his annual message to the Federal Assembly for the year 2014 (12.12.2013), President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin…

Ukraine and the EU

Only half a century ago, a war broke out which became the bloodiest in human history. In 1941, Nazi Germany…

U.S. Role In Global Drug Trafficking Part 3

Working for the CIA is a difficult and dangerous business. One of the tasks the paladins of the Empire of…

U.S. Role In Global Drug Trafficking Part 2

If the "Golden Triangle" had turned out to be the only area in the world suitable for cultivating the opium…

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