Konstantin Penzev

The Causes of the Syrian Conflict Part 1

Why has the United States taken a bulldog death grip on Syria? Why the persistence and unwillingness to resolve the…

A Syrian Initiative by Some US Senators

A few days ago, US senators from both parties urged the Obama administration to intervene directly in the war in…

Why Shinzo Abe Visited Moscow

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Moscow on April 28 for a three-day visit, during which he met with…

The Senkakus — a New Chapter in the Saga of the Islands

The territorial conflict over the disputed islands of the Senkaku archipelago (called the Diaoyu Islands by China) in the East…

Why Doesn’t Washington like Russia Exporting Gas to East Asia?

The world is becoming more multipolar. But the United States is only one of its poles: It has a huge…

The Environment as an Instrument of Political Pressure

Extortionists attempting to direct a real fight for nature conservation into a political channel favorable to certain circles are increasingly…

Chemical Attack in Syria

These are the facts. A chemical weapon was used the morning of March 19 near the town of Khan al-Asal…

The Arab Spring: Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun

Before we continue our conversation about the links between Islamist extremists and Western government agencies, let us briefly review a…

My Enemy, My Brother

The world is woven of contradictions. That is particularly evident in world politics. For example, the United States is periodically…

The Events in Mali. Part 2

Tuareg leaders could certainly have come up with the idea of forming their own state in Mali and parts of…

The Events in Mali. Part 1

The media understand current events in Mali in the following terms. First of all, the political situation in Africa is…

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 6

Some conclusions. I make no claim to cover China’s problems completely in this article. Nevertheless, the issues I discuss allow…

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