Phil Butler

The Turkey Deconstruct May Be Academic


Did we suddenly wake up in the midst of a shadowy nightmare? Is Reuters reporting to prompt NATO into action in alliance with Turkey and Saudi Arabia against Russia? This is the reality this morning, as the UN Security Council (UNSC), is now…

Armor Piercing, Toxic Shocking – the US’s Ongoing Depleted Uranium Manifesto


February 28th, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the end of Operation Desert Storm, the combat phase of the Gulf War, the first war with Iraq. This conflict was a turning point in US and…

A Yugoslavian Fantasy: 24th versus 149th Place


In an alternative universe, what if Yugoslavia still existed? NATO’s expansion, the Cold War still being waged, the so-called democratic western nations destroying freedoms in the name of democracy, we’re already living World War III. At this crucial…

2016: The Year We Realized It’s 1984


The state of most media today is sad, pitiful, and hopelessly unbelievable. From BBC to the New York Times, any semblance of believability is gone. What makes matters worse though, are what amount to popularity factions in social media. The information…

The Italian Connection and “Girlfriends” of World Chaos


An analyst colleague of mine told me the other day; “World War III is already underway Phil.” His assertion only confirmed my own conclusions. 24 months of my research has uncovered untold warlike initiatives. Many agree now, we’re caught…

Liquid Freedom Reaches Europe – Citizens Beware!


The other day a lone tanker ship carrying a cargo of US shale oil dropped anchor in the French port of Fos. Laden with oil destined for refining by a company called Vitol Group at a facility in Switzerland, the fruit of US President…

Understanding Chaos and the Wheels of Democracy’s Spread


People interested in understanding world events today, they need to be able to read between the lines of news – and expertly. Recalling how foreign policy rhetoric appeared just two years ago, today’s news reveals a paradigm shift…

Extra! Extra! Putin Rigged Sport, Not Us!


It’s Putin again… Or, is that just an echo from up yonder? This time athletes doping to win Olympic medals is all because of the arch villain, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Yep, expect to read soon how the Russian president owns stock in a growth…

Sheikh Nimr: Martyr of World War III

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Saudi Arabia is in dire trouble today as the outcry over recent executions mounts. The execution of Shia Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr in the most brutal day of executions in the country in three decades has now sparked violence across the region. If Saudi Arabia is…

Syria and the Final Solution: A German-Syrian Peace Declaration


I received a revelation at a strategy session the other day at our offices in Germany. Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Syria are still at war with the Axis powers of World War II! That’s right, refugees from the region are now streaming into…

A Tale of CNN’s Jet Set Journalists Reporting from Syria


Today I find myself, as seems typical the last two years, focused on news from the conflict zones around the world. Studying Syria because of the U. N. Security Council unanimously endorsed a political roadmap , I wanted to delve into the potential of…

The Syria Liability: Western Investment Cataclysm


What if you woke up one morning, turned on CNN or BBC, and a friendly face told you 10 families ruled the world? How about 20? What if one family had investments in every corner of the world, and money bet on every point of conflict on Earth?..

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