Phil Butler

Ukraine Gas Ring: Western Oligarchs to Take Charge


Syria is the new flashpoint in a war between the West and the East. Meanwhile, on the Ukraine front of this war guns have fallen silent. The people of the East of Ukraine (Novorossiya) are now trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives…

Confused Over Syria? It’s No Wonder


Whatever news on Syria you wake up to this morning, don’t believe it. The only certainty in the Middle East right now, is that America has created one hell of a mess in the region…

When Was Russia Declared Public Enemy Number One?


34234234Foreign relations in between the so-called “West” and Russia have become increasingly hostile the last two years. However desperate tensions may have seemed now though, a look at America’s policies over the last two administrations reveals…

Obama’s Syria Indictment


The latest news from Washington is that the government will cease its covert training and supply of al-Qaeda in Syria. This is a dramatic turn of events, but not an unexpected one. The notion “We funded al-Qaeda,” still reverberates in many conversations, but somewhere in the White House, in some remote situation room, other…

Russia’s Casualties Will Be Ash Carter’s Worst Nightmare


US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said earlier this week that he expects Russia will soon suffer casualties. The comment has sparked a good deal of debate as to whether Carter is just another hopeful…

What If Russia Is Asked to Fly Air Cover for Iraqi Forces?


The Iraqi military has taken a brutal beating in its battles against ISIL. Even with the support of American and coalition airpower, the Iraqis have lost untold material and territory since ISIL overran much of the country’s Sunni Arab heartland these last months. News now that…

Before Putin’s UN Revelation, Light Neocons Stab and Snarl


America is blessed in so many ways.  Why look at our Council on Foreign Relations as one shining example. The think tank so well endowed with brilliant diplomats and policy wonder boys is clearly the nucleus from whence US policy emanates. Case in point…

Obama and NATO Paint Gigantic Bullseye on Germany


Yesterday at Ramstein Air Base here in Germany, hundreds marched in protest of America’s drone killing and warlike posture. Carrying signs demanding the U.S. military “to go home” and “to stop war,” a crowd of Germans peacefully protested the military…

Japan Spotlight: Is a Militant Red Sun Rising?


The 70th anniversary of the end of World War II has been momentous for many reasons. A new law enacted by the Japanese last week is not the least of a string of consequences of a new Cold War that threatens our world.  For the first time since 1945 Japanese…

On BBC’s Credibility Seppuku


Nasty, that’s the tone of western media these days, and BBC is the nastiest of all. Type into Google or Yandex the term Vladimir Putin, and you’ll quickly be able to discern this. If the Russian president is not vilified over mythical invasions, or an invisible…

Italy’s Role In a New European Disorder


The burden of leadership is an unbelievably complex and cumbersome role these days. Every day we see evidence of ineffectual direction in the world, and at a time when the world needs guidance most. Perpetual conflicts, paradigm shifts in politics and policy…

Win or Lose In Ukraine: Some Rich Bastard Wins


The conflict in Ukraine today is the handiwork of greedy, evil men intent on only one goal – profit at any cost – profit no matter what. I think most people understand this by now. What readers may not know though, are those instrumental in the death dealing…

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