Phil Butler

Africa Shifts to Putin, NOT the Other Way Around


This afternoon I sat in dazed disbelief at a “news” story from Financial Times proclaiming Vladimir Putin’s “shift” to Africa. With a couple of centuries of imperialist mayhem behind the Anglo-European cohort, any photo op with Vladimir Putin and a desperate leader ends up a headline. Here’s the truth of the matter of Africa. With nowhere…

What Will Take the Place of America?


The dog and pony show that is US leadership is an ongoing embarrassment for millions of American brought up to believe in excellence. Big talk, never-ending controversy, and mudslinging, and disastrous decisions on a daily basis have made a mockery of freedom and democracy. Trump-Russia, propaganda, and the rewriting history and truth…

Oil and Other Stocks Up on War for the Border Wall: No, Really


US President Donald Trump is in a pickle. Having put his foot down over the controversial border wall, the enigmatic billionaire has put himself and millions of Americas up against a wall. Excuse the metaphor, but his determination, while admirable, is going to end up in disaster…

Why MSM Keeps Crying Wolf about Vladimir Putin


The latest news about Russia from New York and Washington is chilling, ominous, and more diabolical than ever before. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is now in complete control of U.S. President Donald Trump’s mind. The Raw Story is, the Russian president has managed to infiltrate the teeming…

Trump Pulls Out of Syria, and the Deep State Goes Mad


US President Donald Trump orders American military forces out of Syria, and the deep state-owned media goes nuts. If ever the people needed evidence of collusive warmongerers weaving chaos in our world, Trump uncocking his pistols and walking away from the debacle created by Bush…

The End is Near When You Can’t Even Trust the Real News


The Brits are gearing up for war. Russia is filling robot suits with humans. And Donald Trump will build the Great Wall of America or bust. No, these are not “fake news” stories, our world is just this fouled up. Trump’s lawyer got three years for paying off the president’s past…

Slovakia: Locked and Loaded for the Putin Invasion


In news from Slovakia, the country’s defense ministry will soon be prepared to swat the Russian or Iranian hordes from the skies over Lake Zelena Voda. Slovakia’s Prime Minister proudly announced the $1.8 billion-dollar purchase of U.S. made F – 16 Fighting Falcons to deter any Putin led…

Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko: The New York Times’ Pinocchio


Ukraine’s western puppet dictator, Petro Poroshenko recently turned New York Times columnist with an introductory fiction piece entitled “Putin Must Be Punished.” The same man installed to help the Anglo-European alliance expand NATO is again claiming Putin and Russia as the aggressors in an economic war planned in Washington. This week, the IMF has turned…

RIP George H. W. Bush and the Rest


The death of former President George H. W. Bush last month has spurred many an analyst to take up their swords and pens of partisanship for either canonizing or condemning the former leader of the free world. Here at NEO, I found the most concise and objective (truthful) analysis so far, from…

The “Punishing Truth” About Donald Trump’s Policies


Before long the world will act typically numb when President Donald Trump announces a “hit” on a prominent public figure via his Twitter account. The American administrations of the past few decades have already made an art out of the mafia-like military and economic sanctions on…

Deciphering Economic Warfare Code: The Sub-Saharan Africa Front


This week Moody’s warned the whole world of Kenya struggling to repay heavy Chinese debt. News from the South African gained over 400 social media shares too, amplifying the hysterical warning that all of Sub-Saharan Africa is at risk of having “strategic assets” seized when…

Coming Soon: America Nukes Herself in Winnable War


It’s a funny thing about truth, the fact that the gist of any argument ends up rising to the surface. In the case of American liberalism versus conservatism, the truth looks like another revolution. News, a U.S. congressman, would as soon nuke his fellow countrymen as look at…

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