Pogos Anastasov

Donald Trump and Africa


The matter of attitude of administration of the D. Trump towards Africa and its problems for the long time was on the fringes of interest of world media mainly because of scandals which shook Washington after the inauguration of the new US President because of alleged “Russian trace”…

A Wreck of a Week for Pro-US Allies, A Hell of a Week for Iran


Surprisingly enough, last week introduced drastic changes in the balance of powers existing across the Middle East. There has been a whole series of both unexpected and predicted events, which have left many analysts utterly puzzled. You can judge for yourself, as we mention seemingly unconnected…

The West Faces New Threats: The African Issue


The Strategic Review on Defense and National Security for 2017, published in mid-October by the French Ministry of Defense, says a lot about the current state of international affairs. Firstly, it confirms that the system of international…

Any chances for Mohammed bin Salman to retain power?


The state visit of the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to Russia on October 4-8, 2017 had a profoundly symbolic meaning. Its importance goes beyond the scope of the economic and investment agreements signed…

Saudi Arabia has Just Received a new Crown Prince and a Ruler


Undoubtedly, the talk of the day on June 21 was not the bitcoin exchange rates, nor the political roller coaster of the fight against ISIS and oil prices. Inf fact, pretty much everyone was discussing the announcement that…

Saudi Arabia and the future of Yemen


The protracted war led by the Persian Gulf countries headed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen since March 2015 seemed to be more of a routine since the beginning of this year. The legitimate government recognized by the international…

Is there a Future for Christians in the Middle East?


The dramatic events around Syria, namely the April 4 massacre of the civilian population in Idlib by toxic gases, which was immediately followed by the US missile strike on the Syrian airbase of Shayrat on April 7, finally…

Egyptian Cloud of Doom or Enduring Desire for Islands


Once started, the crisis in relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt is unstoppable. Let us recall that Riyadh was one of the forces that in 2013 catapulted President A.Sisi to power, although to the untrained observer, this was…

Middle East Peace Negotiations: Barack Obama’s Legacy


The new President of the USA will still have to spend a great deal of time dealing with the legacy of his predecessor. Although he is determined to address the internal problems of the United States first, he will not be…

Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s Disagreements as a Reflection of the Middle East Problems


On November 11, Egypt’s Minister of Finances Amr El-Garhy reported that the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE) is to obtain a loan worth $12 billion from the International Monetary Fund. Egypt…

Yemen’s Dead End


The recent events in Yemen have demonstrated that this regional conflict, as well as other ones in the territory of the Middle East, was easy to start but difficult to end. The peculiarity of this situation lies in the fact that, unlike Syria, there seems to be a political will…

GCC States: Reforms and Stability


The last 10-15 years have been characterized by a successful development of the economies of the Gulf States, which have consistently been included in the Top-35 wealthiest nations in terms of the standard of living of their…

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