Pogos Anastasov

Why did Riyadh refuse to work in the UN Security Council?

October 17 marked the occurrence of a traditional event during this time of year: the election of five non-permanent members…

Reflections on the fate of the Middle East Part 2

Britain has happily escaped the fate of Paris, since the House of Commons did not back the idea of a…

Reflections on the fate of the Middle East Part 1

On October 10, the Islamic world began celebrations, associated with the main Muslim testimony of love for Allah, which is…

Where is the Middle East heading?

At last Washington has realized the destructiveness of the recent inflammatory policy of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to destabilize the…

Syrian Resolution: The view from Yerevan

On September 27, or, to be more precise, when the European part of the former USSR was already in September…

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