Veniamin Popov

Palestine: the Middle Eastern Equation with Many Unknowns


In the middle of February 2019, one of the main Israeli newspapers Haaretz published an article, which reported that, according to official Israeli statistics, 6.7 million Jews and 6.7 million Arabs lived in Israeli territories (including the occupied Palestinians lands) at the beginning of 2019. In the eyes of the opposition forces in Israel, these numbers yet again highlight the intensity of the Arab-Israeli…

The Deepening Crisis of the West


Almost every day, now, we are seeing new evidence of the increasingly serious problems and challenges faced by the West, and the very concept of “the West” as a united entity is increasingly open to discussion. The disputes between the USA and Europe have gone beyond trade wars, and are…

Yesterday’s Hegemony Keeps Washington Fairly Confused


At this point, there’s hardly any doubt left that Western elites are reluctant to admit that they’ve faced a major crisis. Over a short period of time, the people of this world were presented with a number of challenges no one is really willing to face. Those are military clashes…

15th Anniversary of American Invasion of Iraq – A Lesson Unlearnt

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Some 15 years ago the American-British campaign aimed at discrediting Iraq reached its apogee. Washington used every trick in the book to persuade the world that the then ruler of Iraq Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, while possessing a desire to unleash it deadly…

The War in Syria is now 7 years old


In March this year it will be seven years since the Syrian Arab Republic was flung into a difficult, intense and drawn-out crisis. The waves of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ or ‘Arab Revolution’ that plunged Tunisia, Egypt and Libya into chaos and shook up other countries in the region reached Syria and disrupted normal life in what had once been, by Middle East…

The Face of the Enemy – Yesterday and Today


Over the last few centuries, roughly after the Peace of Westphalia when the borders of states were determined after unceasing and bloody wars, Russia with her vast territory, seas, rivers, forests, natural riches, brilliant composers, writers and, most importantly, her people…

Is There a Way to Put an End to the Spread of Terrorism


When reports about the terrorist attack in Manchester, that claimed the lives of 22 people and left some 100 more wounded, came flooding in, people in different parts of the world started crying: “How could this happen, yet…

The Divide Between the West and the Islamic World is Getting Dangerously Deep


The 21st century, which began with the horrendous terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, has been marked by a deepening division of civilizations – the struggle between which…

The Year it All Changed


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that in 2016 the balance of powers in the world has changed radically, just take a look at the so-called Brexit, Donald Trump’s presidential victory, the fact that François Fillon and Marine Le Pen…

Curious Developments are Taking Place in the West


Today one would hardly find a journal that wouldn’t report in pretty alarming tones the crisis in Europe and the West as a whole. In fact, the concept of the “West” appeared after the First and Second World Wars, and meant…

The West is Attempting to Face the Truth


I regularly read English printed media and should admit that the English deserve credit for their strong school of experts specializing in the Middle East, which remains one of the global leaders in the field. However, lately…

Alienation Between the West and the Muslim World on the Rise


It would seem logical that those who have seen it on TV, as well as eye-witnesses couldn’t be more unpleasantly surprised by the absurdity and obscenity of the situation. On a beach of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea – the cradle…

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