Robert Smith

The Science Behind Snowflakes & The Danger of Over-Socialization


The millennial generation of Americans is often mocked for perceived emotional weakness and insecurity. What critics of liberal “safe space” culture often do not notice is that in addition to being less emotionally stable, younger Americans are also much more effectively…

What’s Behind Hollywood & CIA’s Love for Black Power?


Anyone who watched the 2019 Academy Awards Ceremony could not help but notice a big emphasis on the African-American Community and its history. Meanwhile, as the Oscar Ceremony was taking place, the US Central Intelligence Agency began highlighting the film “Black Panther” on…

American Liberalism vs. Scientology – A Strange Fight


The US media’s campaign to expose the Church of Scientology, while pointing to very ugly truths about the organization, also points toward the problematic outlook of the cynical liberal establishment. Detractors of Marxism long accused it of being a secular religion. They pointed to its rites, holy books, and mission…

Corporal Punishment and the American Identity


USAM4653423Around the world, Americans have the reputation of being soft with their children. There are internet memes and jokes around the world mocking American children, presenting them as whiny, first-world brats whose parents and teachers never say “no” to them. Tourists from Asia or other parts…

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