Seth Ferris

Egyptian political reality: “the devil is in the media coverage”

Now some kind of mutual understanding has been achieved between the ruling military council and the Islamists in Egypt, with…

The Criminal Record of the Head of the Syrian National Coalition

In an attempt to "settle" the Syrian crisis Washington and Riyadh has put forward a negotiator - the President of the National Coalition…

Predator drones in America’s “not-so-friendly-skies”

Dec. 17 airpower summary: Reapers touch enemy forces
Most Americans don’t look up unless the “Goodyear Blimp” is hovering overhead, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon or…

Guinea: How Much Blood Pays for a Barrel of Oil?

Western Africa Training Cruise 06
Back in 2006 then-US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the politics of energy…

Boycotting Sochi is lame political subterfuge

Not since the Soviet incursion into Afghanistan in 1979 has there been so much recrimination and fanfare over the holding…

Geneva II: CNN throws a Curveball Just before the Summit

So Syria, meaning the government of Bashar al-Assad, has “systematically tortured and executed about 11,000 detainees since the start of…

All Eyes on Geneva 2

Mideast Syria
Syria is a bone of contention for many, a lost opportunity for others – and now all eyes are on…

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