Seth Ferris

Putting it in Perspective: “Lebanon Takes its Time, and So it Should!”


So the agony lingers on in Lebanon. Yet again, it is taking months to form a government acceptable to everybody, or which the government can sell to everybody. In public, the sticking point is the six Sunni MPs who are allied with the predominantly Shia Hezbollah. Having been…

Lack of Confidence in Theresa May: “Believe in Nothing, Lose Everything”


In 1979 Joe Clark led his Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to its first election victory in 16 years. Two years later, in opposition again, one third, (33.5) per cent of his party members supported a “review of his leadership”, i.e., a vote on whether to continue…

Trump’s Pullout in Syria: 2 Steps Forward in US Foreign Policy


At first impression it would be naive to believe that Donald Trump is keeping his campaign promise to downsize America’s foreign military engagements based on some moral compass, or by realising that America has gotten itself into a bigger quagmire than before, even greater than…

G20 Summit More a Farce: How Many Bottles Will Stay On The Wall?


The G20 Summit in Argentina was, like the rest, a farce. Throughout history, people of influence have developed alternative structures to find ways round things. The G20 is yet another attempt by world leaders to subvert democratic control of their actions by saying that, if WE…

Syria, Iran, Georgia: Slippery Slope in Discussing Oil Smuggling and Sanctions


The history of sanctions teaches us that they are like a pole – you can find a way around them, and in the process, find a niche market for all kinds of smugglers, gangsters, and political types, as co-operation is needed at all levels. For this reason, sanctions often…

Brexit Replaces Sovereignty With Terrorism


During the long years of political violence in Northern Ireland, British governments of every complexion routinely insisted that they “would not give in to terrorism”. We now know, from hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and other sources, that the British government…

Does Kavanaugh Finally Make the Real America Public?


Sometimes events generate a public fascination out of all proportion to their actual importance. The Tate-La Bianca killings of 1969, conducted by the Manson Family, are still widely discussed today and have turned some drifting hippies only marginally connected with the actual…

The Irish Border Question: Perpetual War or Middle East Peace?


Most countries have border disputes with others, claiming that someone else’s territory rightfully belongs to them. However after a while these disputes take the form of posturing: claiming the de facto situation shouldn’t exist, but still putting up with it. Secure and defined…

The Islamic Republic of Iran: Why Does the US Can’t Deal with “Pigeonholed Pariah States?”


When people talk about pariah states, which are regarded as automatically acting wrongly and who must be opposed for the sake of it, the Islamic Republic of Iran is always one of…

John McCain: A Most Convenient and Timely Death


The death of John McCain has been met with the traditional response. The media outlets you would expect to support the official line, because they do not report anything else, are full of praise for this former presidential candidate, war veteran and distinguished public servant…

Trump and Understanding the Root Causes of Violence in Palestine/Israel


Conflict is like everything else – people get labels assigned to them based on their supposed political party, even though those parties do not represent the best interests of their base. Therefore, in the light of the meltdown over Palestine, and the number of Jewish-loving born again…

Monsanto: Who Will Pay the Price?


Sometimes stories emerge which you expect to run and run. If they don’t, that is suspicious in itself. It suggests that hard work is being done to bury them, and we need to look at what is being done elsewhere to identify that. On August 10th a court in California found the agrochemical…

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