Seth Ferris

Jordan: The Middle East’s Silent Enemy


If you say the words “Middle East”, you evoke a familiar set of images in a listener’s head. Violence, conflict, general poverty alongside significant oil wealth, arms, terrorism, corruption – an unstable mess where the next load of misery is just waiting to fall on you. This creates…

Brexit: The EU Asks Hard Questions Only It Can Answer


The Brexit debate is no longer about whether it is a good thing for the UK to leave the EU. Now the UK government has finally agreed to a Brexit plan, the one which drove Boris Johnson and David Davis to run away, the EU has eagerly read through it, hoping it would find…

Alas Poor Boris Johnson: The Clown Has Gone, But Nobody is Laughing


As Shakespeare almost said in Hamlet, “Alas poor Boris! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!” The United Kingdom is still one of the major powers, or…

Chemical Weapons: UK Sinks to New Level with OPCW Terms of Reference Change


The UK´s successful attempt to persuade the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to attribute blame for chemical weapons attacks has aroused much discussion…

International Consequences “Blowback” of Trump´s War on Refugee Families


A time like this, with the eyes of the world on Russia and the World Cup, is a traditional one for doing things you don´t want too many people noticing. The Soviet Bloc moved into Hungary in 1956 just as the Olympics were starting, and Mikheil Saakashvili did the same…

Italy: Artificial Financial Crisis: All About Protecting the US!


Yet again, we have a financial crisis in Europe. After the bailouts in Greece and Portugal we are told that Italy, once described as “too big to fail”, is once again on the verge of bankruptcy and the rest of the EU will be forced to ride in to rescue it. Apparently the financial…

Putin Visits Austria: Maybe Everyone Has a Way Out


Everything Vladimir Putin does is perceived with great suspicion by the West. So it is surprising that more has not been made of his recent visit to Austria, as it is more significant than the lack of press coverage makes it appear; it may be the first step of things to come…

North Korean Summit: Trump Shuts All The Doors Of The Building He Set Fire To


Does Donald Trump read New Eastern Outlook? You would not think so, but whatever we say about his relationship with North Korea seems to come true. Perhaps he finally understands what this journal is telling him, but it may be too late. We told him that the only reason the US now…

The Irish Referendum: Why Did Anyone Even Notice?


When countries change their constitutions the process does not usually attract much interest outside the country concerned. If it does, it is usually because the process fits an existing agenda which is being pursued about that country – a “third world dictator” wants to amend term…

Saudi Arabia and Israel Forced to Connive to Help Beleaguered Trump over Syria Calamity


Many things happen which cannot be explained by conventional wisdom and the knowledge we have from the usual sources. One of these is what is happening between the US and Saudi Arabia. It is at times hard to understand who is benefiting from the ongoing chaos, as it is a mess…

Trump’s Flawed Pakistan Policy vs. Imran Khan’s Road Show


Pakistan is still in the grip of not knowing who to cheer on: Trump or their own Imran Kahn. Pakistanis still don’t quite know whether to take the cricket player seriously, but now they are taking the time to listen to him. Hopefully they will also ask why he has emerged as…

Brexit Produces An Unlikely Saviour of Democracy in Face of Lords


Those who want to prevent Brexit have been claiming a major victory. On 18th of April the House of Lords, the unelected second chamber of the British parliament, passed two measures which embarrassed Theresa May’s government. The first obliges…

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