Steven MacMillan

The Anglo-American War Machine


Contrary to the incessant grandstanding by US and British politicians that they are committed to promoting freedom, democracy and peace around the world, the evidence proves that the Anglo-American establishment is in the business…

There has Never Been Anyone Less Qualified than Killary to be President


“There has never been a man or a women – not me, not Bill, nobody – more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as the President of the United States of America” – Barack Obama speaking…

US Presidential Election 2016: The Battle of the Hawks


As the US presidential election fast approaches in November, the greatest political spectacle of the year is in full swing. Say what you want about the US, but there is no other country that knows how to put a show on in the same…

How Islamic is the So-Called Islamic State?


Since the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) declared a caliphate in June 2014, Muslim extremism has once again become a major topic in the media and therefore in the public mind. Islamophobic attacks have skyrocketed in the West in…

The Dangerous Temper Tantrums of US War Hawks


Similar to petulant children who do not get their own way, there is an increasingly choir of war hawks in the US who are pushing for a major escalation in the Syrian war. In response to the fading power of Washington in the world…

South Koreans Protest US Anti-Missile System THAAD


South Korea was the scene of recent protests against the deployment of the US Army’s anti-ballistic missile system THAAD (Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense) to the country. Close to 1,000 citizens from the Seongju country shaved…

An Independent Scotland Should be Free from the EU and NATO


As the two month anniversary approaches of the Brexit vote in June, Britain is still no closer to actually exiting the European Union (EU). Article 50 is yet to be triggered, with the Prime Minister stating again recently…

Using the Olympics as a Weapon in the Total War on Russia


In response to Russia’s stance against Western aggression in Syria, the West has launched a full-scale war against Moscow. One of the major triggers of this war seemed to be when Russia…

I Thought NATO “Liberated” Libya in 2011?


“Operation Unified Protector is one of the most successful in NATO’s history… We have done this together for the people of Libya, so they can take their future firmly and safely into their own hands. Libyans have now liberated…

Pokémon Go, the CIA, “Totalitarianism” and the Future of Surveillance


If anyone doubted that a percentage of the global population are akin to zombies, the incidents following the release of Pokémon Go have surely convinced you. Despite…

Another US Foreign Policy Triumph: Syrian Rebels Behead Innocent Child


The world was shocked this week after a horrific video surfaced showing a US-backed rebel group in Syria beheading a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, in yet another example of how…

Top British Think Tank: Brexit is a “Serious Blow” to TTIP


The tyrannical corporate trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is increasingly facing a multitude of challenges that threaten to derail the entire agreement. With negotiations officially beginning…

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