Steven MacMillan

Blair’s Former Propagandist: “Referendums are Dangerous in a Parliamentary Democracy”


In an interview with Hala Gorani of CNN, the man who served as Tony (the war criminal) Blair’s Director of Communications from 1997 to 2003, Alastair Campbell, denounced referendums as a danger to democracy. Campbell is…

Putin Denounces Western Support for Terrorists and Neo-Nazis


From Ukraine to Syria; Libya to Iraq: the West has repeatedly shown itself to be an imperial entity which brings nothing but chaos, devastation and destabilization to its victims. Contrary to spreading ‘freedom and democracy’

A Frexit would be the Final Nail in the EU’s Coffin


The European continent has been rocked by one of the largest political earthquakes in recent years, after the British people made the historic decision to leave the European Union (EU). The arrogant, corrupt establishment was…

“Military Schengen”: Washington Calls for the Further Integration of NATO


NATO is a threat to world peace. Its incessant war games and its addiction to antagonising the Russian bear are putting the future of the world in jeopardy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, NATO should…

War Criminal Blair Warmongers for Ground Invasion of Syria and Iraq


In an ideal world, Tony Blair would have been tried for war crimes years ago, and most probably would be over a decade into a life-time jail sentence for his role in the Iraq war. However…

Pro-EU Propaganda in Britain Goes into Overdrive


In recent months, the British establishment has engaged in the most blatant and concerted propaganda campaign since the Scottish independence referendum or the Iraq war. Every day, the establishment spreads more fear in an attempt to…

Western Imperialism ‘Must Go’


For years now, the Western elite have been incessantly pushing the slogan that ‘Assad must go.’ Under the pretext of removing an ‘evil’ dictator and helping the people of Syria, the West has been funding, arming and training an array of Al-Qaeda affiliated legions…

Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell


In a world infected with a plethora of immoral multinational corporations, it is hard to think of two corporations who have more nefarious histories than Bayer AG and Monsanto. Considering this, it is a harrowing…

Flashback: Top Journalist Exposes How Intelligence Agencies Control Western Media


In an age where information warfare is one of the most critical and well-financed areas of warfare, the revelation in 2014 by a former…

Washington’s Spin on the Panama Papers is Laughable


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you will be familiar with the Panama Papers story, which has dominated the media landscape. The main focus of the story has been centred on a man who has become somewhat of an obsession…

Obama Admits US Drone Strikes Kill Civilians


The US President has acknowledged that American drone strikes have killed innocent civilians and that there has been “legitimate criticism” about the practice in the past. Speaking at the Nuclear Security Summit on the 1st of April, Barack Obama…

BBC Bias, Brexit, the EU, Bilderberg and Global Government


One of the BBC’s flagship news programmes has shown a “strong” bias towards Britain staying in the European Union (EU), a media monitoring group claimed last week. From the 13th of January to the 11th…

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