Steven MacMillan

Hillary as President would be Catastrophic for the US and the World


Beholden to special interests; complicit in US war crimes across the globe; held top secret information on an unsecured home server; incessantly lies (like most politicians); and is married to a man who has been accused by multiple women of…

Retired Army Colonel: US Will Have a Presence in Afghanistan for Another 50 Years


Afghanistan is a geostrategic and economic prize that the West will not want to relinquish anytime soon. In an interview at the end of 2015, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell and retired US…

Is Obama the Biggest Puppet in History?


Out of all the political prostitutes in the Western world, one man stands out as the perfect illustration of a politician who works solely to serve his puppet masters.  Even though the majority of politicians are controlled by economic and…

Creating Sunnistan: Foreign Affairs Calls for Syria and Iraq to be Balkanized


On the 29th of November, 2015, Foreign Affairs – the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – published an article titled: Divide and Conquer in Syria and Iraq; Why the West Should Plan for a Partition

The Nazi-Connected British Royal Family Still Wields Incredible Power


Bewilderingly, whenever a revelation details the prominent role the royal family still plays in the running of the British state; many people in the UK are…

Bashar al-Assad: The Democratically Elected President of Syria


“Butcher”; “thug”; “dictator”; “murderer”; “savage”; “tyrant”; “oppressor”; “despot”. These are just some of the words that many in the Western world associate with the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, after four…

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Tool of Western Propaganda


Since Russia began military operations in Syria against the terrorist proxy forces of NATO and the Gulf states, ubiquitous reports in the Western media have emerged which claim that Russia has killed and

Terror Junkies: The West’s Addiction to Funding Radical Groups


Similar to a heroin addict, Western nations have a destructive addiction which they are so dependent on, they appear unwilling to give it up.  Funding radical terror…

Brookings Wants to Strengthen the Syrian Rebels by Bombing Hezbollah


Western think tanks have been working relentlessly to try and counter Russia’s geopolitical masterstroke in Syria, which has clearly taken most strategists in the West by complete surprise. Reading through the analysis by these think…

NATO’s “Humanitarian Intervention” in Libya Exacerbated “Humanitarian Suffering”


As certain NATO powers are exploiting the recent flood of refugees from the Middle East and Africa to push for more military action in Syria, it is essential to further illustrate the deceptive and nefarious nature of…

Obama Says Russian Strikes on ISIS are “Strengthening” ISIS


Welcome to Obamaland, the mysterious, schizophrenic world where the truth is inverted. Washington is rapidly losing the microscopic amount of respect it had around the world, as US propaganda is becoming more childish by the week…

Putin Lives in the Real World, Obama Lives in a Fantasyland


Listening to the speeches of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama, at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday, one is instantly struck by the polarization of the leader’s…

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