Viktor Titov

Tehran Strikes Washington Back


Iran has opted not to wait for further unfriendly steps by Washington in response to its nuclear deal and the Iranian presence in Syria, fully comprehending that the USA is preparing for military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran and are simply buying time by creating an international…

Russia in the Middle East in light of the US presidential election


Judging by President Vladimir Putin’s statements, which he made on June 17, 2016, at SPIEF, Moscow is now beginning to understand that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, is more likely to win the US presidential election this…

The Conflict in Iraq Takes a New Shape


On May 23, the Iraqi government army and militias supported by the Iraqi Air Force and the aviation of the US-led coalition began an operation to liberate the city of Fallujah (50 km to the West of Baghdad) in the Anbar Province…

Is the Terrorist Attack in Ankara is but the Pretext for the Invasion of Syria?


The bloody attack in Ankara on March 13 that left 35 people dead and 120 injured provoked universal condemnation across the globe. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin almost immediately sent his condolences to the Turkish people after…

Will There Be an End to Saudi and Turkish Provocations in Syria?


It’s all started with the Arab version of CNN releasing information that Saudi Arabia has begun preparations for the invasion of Syria, to achieve the “utter and complete destruction of ISIL”. It was said that a 150,000 strong…

Saudi Arabia is Facing ISIL-US Terrorist Threat


Wise men often say: “what comes around goes around”. Last month Saudi authorities detained 33 individuals suspected of terrorism. It turns out that among the detainees there were foreign citizens, including those coming from the United States…

Damascus and Moscow in a Fight Against Terrorism in Syria


Despite the fact that the combat potential of the “Islamic State” (IS) in Iraq and Syria remains high enough, the process of regrouping of the troops has started, they are moving from the SAR to Iraq, and what is more important, their financial…

Independent Kurdistan as a Factor of Stability in the Middle East


While the events in Syria, Iraq and Turkey related to the combatants of the local Kurdish armed opposition (Peshmerga) fighting Isil [also known as Isis] and other terrorist…

Turkey Must Pay for the Crime Against the Russian Aircraft


Instead of immediately apologising to Moscow for the Turkish Air Force downing the Russian SU-24 being part of the Russian Air Force group from the Hmeymim base, whose war with IS terrorists and other terrorist groups on Syrian territory…

Who is Derailing Syrian Reconciliation?


As Russia’s warplanes are destroying anti-government forces in Syria, while relying on the Syrian armed troops, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, and Shia volunteers from Afghanistan and Pakistan, a number of influential…

Why Assad Visited Moscow


Moscow has struck a devastating political blow against the West yet again, especially against its Middle Eastern policy, with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visit to Moscow on October 20 to meet his Russian counterpart – Vladimir Putin. Spokesman for the Russian…

Lebanon: The Calm Before the Storm


Despite the fact that Lebanon has somehow escaped the wave of “color revolutions” and civil wars that has been plaguing the Arab world, the situation in the country remains rather difficult. At any given moment a sectarian conflict can break out in Lebanon followed by…

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