Ulson Gunnar

China and the Follies of Megatrading

As if to stroke the egos of those ruling Beijing, the West's financial journals in chorus announced with enthusiasm that…

A US & Filipino Front Vs. China

The reversal of longstanding policy preventing the US from using Filipino territory for military bases signifies and escalation in tensions…

Russia, GMO and the Geopolitics of Organic

Russia's RT reported in an article titled, "Russia will not import GMO products - PM Medvedev," that, "Russia will not…

The West’s War on Middle East Christians

TIME Magazine's article, "Christians and Tyrants: Why the Middle East's Persecuted Minority is Making Unholy Choices," is an attempt to…

Lessons Learned From the US-India Row

In December 2013, Indian Foreign Service officer Devyani Khobragade was arrested, strip-searched and detained in the United States while serving…

The Corporate Colonization of Afghanistan

A recent TIME Magazine article featured the "US NGO" Roots for Peace, which it portrayed as a victim of a regrouping Taliban…

Afghan Elections & the Myth of Progress

Elections held this week in Afghanistan, while highly publicized as a showpiece in NATO's lengthy intervention, will most likely not…

The Battle for Iraq and the Myth of Sectarian Divide

A battle rages across Iraq, forcing the government and the Iraqi people to make decisions, alliances, and policies that will…

US Ambassadors: Diplomats or Agitators?

A diplomat is defined as "a person who represents his or her country's government in a foreign country: someone whose…

Chinese Thinking on Crimea: “Taiwan” or “Tibet?”

China has maintained a very careful and consistent foreign policy of non-interference. It has steadfastly condemned foreign incursions into other…

Specter of Western Mercenaries Hang Over Ukraine Crisis

Recent rumors of notorious Blackwater US mercenaries operating inside of Ukraine invoked a plausible narrative so convincing even news outlets…

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