Ulson Gunnar

US Strike on Syrian Forces: The Scramble for Post-Islamic State Syria


The recent strike on a Syrian military convoy within Syrian territory by US military forces represents another incremental escalation by Washington within the region…

If NATO Wants Peace and Stability it Should Stay Home


A curious op-ed appeared in The National Interest, penned by Hans Binnendijk and David Gompert, adjunct senior fellows at the RAND Corporation. Titled, “NATO’s Role in post-Caliphate Stability Operations,” it attempts to make…

Last to Die in Afghanistan: US Marines Back to Helmand


Some 300 US Marines are once again being deployed to Helmand province, Afghanistan after upward to 20,000 US Marines had spent between 2009-2014 attempting, but clearly failing to secure…

From Syria to Korea: The Rush to Crush Multipolarism


A recent, unilateral, unjustified military strike on Syria by US cruise missiles, coupled with the deployment of a US naval fleet to the Korean Peninsula as well as terrorist attacks carried out by terrorist fronts worldwide…

French “Investigation” in Syria Neither Impartial nor Independent


After any crime, regardless of scale, a swift, impartial and independent investigation is required if any accountability at all is desired. The French government, in the wake of an alleged “chemical weapons attack” near Syria’s…

Afghanistan Mazar-e Sharif Attack: US-Backed Regime Suffers Another Setback


It was just recently that the United States deployed its GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) weapon against alleged tunnels belonging to the Islamic State terrorist…

Afghanistan: Why Did the US Deploy its Largest Non-Nuclear Ordnance?


Sixteen years onward and the US is no closer to its alleged goal of creating a stable Afghanistan free of terrorist organizations using its territory to stage attacks  regionally and globally. Thousands of US troops still…

Syria: Trump’s Bush-Obama WMD Remix


The United States finds its increasingly clumsy, circular foreign policy looping back once again to accusations of “weapons of mass destruction” being inexplicably used against a civilian population, this time in Syria’s northern…

US Foreign Policy: Hegemony or Stability, Not Both


US foreign policy has for decades been predicated on achieving and maintaining global peace, security and stability. In reality, it has for over a century constituted an overreaching desire to achieve and maintain global hegemony…

US Presence in Korea Drives Instability


US and European interests continue to portray the government and nation of North Korea as a perpetual security threat to both Asia and the world. Allegations regarding the nation’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs…

Wikileaks Vault 7 Highlights Importance of Tech Self-Sufficiency


Leaked document clearinghouse Wikileaks has recently released an immense collection of documents detailing the US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) vast and literally Orwellian surveillance and spying capabilities…

US Never Respected the One China Policy and Never Will


The US has reiterated its alleged commitment to honoring the “One China” policy under which it is recognized there is only one Chinese government. The policy exists in direct reference to Taiwan…

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