Ulson Gunnar

US Navy’s Own Report Indicates Washington is Looking for a Pacific Fight


The Pacific Ocean is large. Since World War II, weapon systems operating in this theater have required special provisions regarding extensive range, long duration performance and relative self-sufficiency during operations…

US War on Islamic State Designed to Fail


Any US general providing candid views on fighting and winning a war admit the impossibility of victory as long as the source of an enemy’s fighting capacity remains intact. In fact, as an excuse for why the US is still struggling…

How a Real War on Terrorism Would Look and Why the US Isn’t Fighting One


Since 2001, when then US President George Bush announced his “War on Terror,” presidents and politicians both in the United States and among America’s allies, have…

North Korean Paranoia is Well-Founded


North Korea is depicted across US and European media as a backward nation run by a despotic, delusional leader encircled by advisers suffering from irrational, militant paranoia. The nation is also depicted as a prominent security threat in Asia-Pacific despite…

US-NATO War Continues to Creeps East


Despite unmaterialized hopes of a new tack for US foreign policy, it appears that each and every front of US aggression has reopened in earnest, from the Middle East vis-a-vis Iran, to the South China Sea…

The Trump-Media Circus and Continuity of Agenda


As the US media expertly divides the American public into pro and anti-Trump camps over cartoonish, unfounded personal accusations aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, Trump’s nominee for US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson…

France’s Self-Inflicted Refugee Crisis


Following rhetoric regarding Europe’s refugee crisis, one might assume the refugees, through no fault of Europe’s governments, suddenly began appearing by the thousands at Europe’s borders. However, this simply is not true. Before…

Rex Tillerson, Biggest Gator in the Swamp


When US business tycoon-turned-politician Donald Trump ran for office, “drain the swamp” became a popular campaign cry. Trump likely was implying that he would “drain” corrupt and redundant features of Washington’s establishment and…

3 Realities You Aren’t Being Told About Afghanistan


US commander of US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) General John Nicholson’s December 2016 briefing was paradoxical and perhaps indicative of the bankrupted foreign policy that defines America’s occupation…

Retaliation Promised: Russian Ambassador’s Murder Justified, Even Praised Across the West


In the week leading up to the brazen, cold-blooded murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara, Turkey, the United States repeatedly and publicly…

Welcome to Idlib: America’s Model Syrian City


A report published by The Century Foundation (TCF), a US-based policy think tank, helps shed light on the inner workings of the small northern city of Idlib, Syria. Idlib is to US State Department-listed foreign terrorist organization…

Egypt’s Precarious Balancing Act


In 2011, the United States successfully overthrew the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak amid the regional so-called Arab Spring. In place of President Mubarak’s government, rose the Muslim Brotherhood, a Gulf…

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