Valery Kulikov

Turkey on the Сrossroads, or ‘Erdogan the Compromiser’

Recently in regional, and perhaps in international politics, Turkey has begun to attract more and more attention. The root of…

Turkey on the Verge of Change

A few days ago, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially announced that the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey no longer…

American “Casus belli”

Many countries have noted how easily the White House overthrows legitimate governments using “color” and “Arab Revolutions” organized by it,…

White House – a Stronghold of Political Lies

The view that the White House has become the main centre of lies on the planet has so strengthened in…

Struggle for Ukraine

Nine years ago, the Orange Revolution (named after the color of Viktor Yushchenko’s banner) was launched in Ukraine with financial…

The struggle for Afghanistan continues

The results of discussion of the draft of the Bilateral Security Agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan, held by Afghan President…

USA-Afghanistan and the bilateral security agreement

After lengthy discussions between Washington and Kabul on the question of the presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014,…

U.S. House of Representatives steps up war rhetoric against China

According to the assessments by various foreign observers, there has been a clear escalation in relations between China and the…

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