Vladimir Mashin

US Direction in Middle East Subject to More and More Criticism


In recent time, U.S. actions in the Middle East have been subject to more and more criticism in European as well as Asian capitals. Clearly, Washington’s pro-Israeli course has resulted in growing disapproval in Arab nations. It is well-known that in December 2017, Donald Trump…

This Year’s Major Shock Waves that Rippled the Middle East


The departing year has not been easy for the Middle East. Devastating conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen have resulted in multiple causalities, destruction and a new flood of refugees. Mostly these events are linked to the policies of the West that, while sanctimoniously…

The State of Israel has its 70th Anniversary


In May 2018 The State of Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its establishment. Over these past decades, which is not a long time in historic terms, the Israeli citizens have achieved considerable success, first and foremost, in cutting-edge technologies, in the social…

The Arab Spring has Come to an End Right Where it Started


The so-called Arab Spring, which began with the string of revolutionary events in Tunisia has now officially ended. It ended last month with Tunisia getting swept by a wave of new demonstrations, with thousands of people taking to the streets…

Revisiting the Crisis of Western European Civilization


Of late, political scientists from the US and Western European countries have begun more frequently writing on the crisis of the West. Indeed, the confusion that now reigns in Washington, the discord in the European Union…

When Will the West Wake Up to the Fact That the World has Changed


The changes that are taking place in today’s world often are so rapid and unpredictable that they leave certain US and European politicians utterly confused. The state those people often…

How Well the Arab World is Taking Trump’s Victory


As one cold expect the Arab countries, just like any other state in the world, were following closely the US presidential campaign. This is understandable, since the people of this war-torn region are kin to know what the White…

ISIL is the Direct Result of Western Inconsistency


It has been observed that many of those who have identified themselves with aplomb as an elevated European civilization and condescendingly speak about other cultures, who are beneath them in their opinion, however, significant…

Middle East Peace Negotiations at a Standstill


World events are speeding up their run, replacing, pushing and crowding each other. This is typical for the Middle East region, where after the “Arab Spring Revolutions” a barrage of shocks, major changes continues to occupy new areas. Today, hardly…

Drama in the Mediterranean

Mid-April 2015 will go down in Mediterranean history as a time of terrible tragedies. In ancient times called the Great…

The growing danger of the “Islamic State”

Every day frightening reports unexpectedly emerge on the actions of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) terrorist…

A Gloomy Summary of the Outgoing Year

The outgoing 2014 is destined, apparently, to go down in the annals of history as a special year given its…

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