Vladimir Odintsov

The Strategic Partnership Between India and Japan

Against the background of complex processes in the Asia-Pacific region, recently a strategic partnership between India and Japan has been…

The United States and the Battle of Ideologies

The development of economics, science and industry have also been actively used by Washington to strengthen the military might of…

CIA and climate change

Recently published information on the resumption of CIA studies into influencing the climate naturally attracts attention on the background of…

The anniversary of the South Ossetia conflict

Five long years have passed since the sorrowful day of the Georgian military aggression against South Ossetia that resulted in the so-called…

Japan and the lessons of war

These days mark the tragic anniversary of the atomic bombing of the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by…

Afghanistan Natural Resources Secure Its Developments


Since the dawn of time Afganistan has been considered one of the poorest countries. Perhaps opium poppy and cannabis are the only plants that may be cultivated on its barren lands. Large stocks of its natural resources were kept secret by western monopolies, and the partucular interest of the... 

Washington’s Arrangements of a Syrian Citadel New Attack

Focused events of the recent days in Egypt displaced in some mode the “Syrian topic” from Western mass media opening…

American and Japanese military bases on the Phillipine soil

After more that two decades of absence of any visible interest towards the strategically critical point of the Pacific Ocean…

The Mainsprings of the Syrian Conflict

The government forces’ reliance on a militia to liberate more and more of the country from foreign mercenaries is a…

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