Vladimir Odintsov

Turkey is Carrying on its Anti-Kurdish Policy


Back in 2015 Turkey launched a massive military operation against its Kurdish population that resides in the south-east of the country. Since then an ever increasing number of reports on massive civilian casualties is coming…

ISIS is Officially Broke Now


The word is on the street is that the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) has encountered serious financial challenges lately for the first time since the beginning of anti-terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist organization has been pushed into a corned due to continuous…

China’s Strategic Presence in Central Asia


Reinforcement of its strategic presence in Central Asia is not a new concept for Beijing. This region is very important for China as it is not only a significant market for Chinese goods, a source of oil and gas for power stations in China…

General Elections in Iran


On February 26, for the first time in the history of the country, Iranians elected their tenth parliament (Majlis) and simultaneously, there were elections to the fifth Assembly of Experts of the Islamic Republic of Iran—a religious public body with…

The US and Central Asia


Central Asia remains the stage for the three truly significant actors in this show: the US, Russia and China. However, the interaction of these three players in the Region is complicated. And if the US sees Central Asia (CA) as globally connected…

Turkish Authorities Collaborate With ISIS, While Journalists Are Persecuted


Despite Turkish authorities strain every nerve to hide from the international community facts exposing close collaboration of Erdogan and his puppets with ISIS, plenty…

Washington’s Secret War in Syria Uncovered


The CIA and the intelligence agencies of several US allies in the Middle Eastern conflicts have recently been uncovered by the New York Times. The newspaper cites a number of unnamed White House officials that point out that Saudi Arabia has…

New Concerns of the Old World


Fashion as a phenomenon is the predominance of a certain style in a particular area of life or culture. It is fashion that dictates the style or type of clothing, behaviour, lifestyle that is popular in a society at any given time. Everyone knows that Paris is the founding father of…

Immigration Aspects of US Policy


Taking into account the significant intensification of migration processes over the last years, immigration policy has become one of the most debated issues in election campaigns (especially presidential) not only in Europe, but also in the United States…

Turkey and Israel: Could There Be an Alliance?


Ever since Russia imposed sanctions on Turkey for treacherously shooting down a Russian SU-24 bomber in the Syrian airspace on November 24, President Erdogan has urgently sought opportunities to develop…

The US and European Refugees


Washington, having initiated numerous military interventions in recent years plunging Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many other countries into chaos, has instigated an unprecedented tide of migrants among residents of the Middle Eastern and North African countries devastated…

Syria, Turkey and the US Congress


Aspiration of the White House and the Turkish leadership to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad diverts them from the major task of combating terrorists from the Islamic State and creates risks of a conflict with the Russian Federation. That is what…

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