Vladimir Odintsov

Another Washington’s Lie Debunked?

In London Review of Books the well-known American journalist, Pulitzer Prize Laureate Seymour Hersh, world-renowned for his investigations, has caught the US…

Is “American-style Democracy” of Any Good to Anyone?

Last decades have been marked by countless Washington's efforts to impose its idea of democracy on the world. This trend…

European Youth is Joining ISIL En Masse

The ever growing threat of jihadist movements to the civilized world has recently been stressed by a wide array of…

Foreign Informational-Humanitarian Presence in Central Asia

quinn dambrowski
Recently, the interest of the USA, EU (especially France and Britain), China and Turkey in the information-humanitarian presence in Central…

Сhina Expands Influence in African Media

The Chinese Government, in the interest of broadening its political-economic expansion, has recently begun to pay particular attention to strengthening…

US Ambassadors and Kyrgyzstan: A List of Failures

As reported by the New York Times, despite all the statements that US President Barack Obama had previously made, he…

Who is Killing Opposition Members?

Foreign experts, including those living in countries that have had a first hand experience with “color revolutions”, continue to discuss…

The CIA is Trying to Plant “Their Man” as the President of Libya

The security situation in Libya, which is continuing to worsen, forced the White House to vigorously seek solutions to the…

What does Washington want from the Countries of Central Asia?

Due to its location, Central Asia (CA) is an important geopolitical region, particularly in terms of ensuring stability in the…

American Ambassadors: Old Dogs and Old Tricks

In recent years te US prestige around the world has been deteriorating rapidly due to the unpopular, outright failed policies,…

Syrian opposition and ISIS use chemical weapons

As the events of the past months have shown, a number of Western governments, primarily the US and Great Britain,…

The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies


In its quest for world domination, which the White House has been pursuing for more than a century, it relied on two primary tools: the US dollar and military might. In order to prevent Washington from establishing complete global hegemony, certain…

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