Vladimir Platov

Yellowstone Supervolcano and Americans Relocating to Russia


Despite the fact that the United States has remained a Mecca of sorts for immigrants from all of the world for hundreds of years now, Americans themselves have been leaving their own country and moving abroad. According to various assessments, at present 3-6 million US citizens permanently reside outside of the United States…

Did the United States Really Put a Man on the Moon?


The latest US propaganda stunt has been an attempt to “celebrate” the 50th anniversary of the “moon landing saga”. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this memory has been exploited by the directors who put together this American propaganda for one main reason — to unite a deeply divided America, albeit briefly, by boosting the morale…

What Will Be the Outcome of US-Led Cyber Warfare Against Iran?


Recently, media outlets have been reporting more and more often about U.S. preparations for attacks on Iran. They are not only referring to military threats issued by Washington against Tehran, which is trying to oppose U.S. hegemony, but also to non-lethal attacks (i.e. interference with Iranian infrastructure…

Why a Russia-based Security Firm Fell Victim of US Sanctions


Last December, US President Donald Trump signed a decree banning the use of Kaspersky Lab software within US government agencies. This latest iteration of anti-Russian sanctions demanded all individuals employed by Washington to wipe the world-renowned anti-virus software off…

CIA and the Assassination of Leaders Overseas


The history of the US Central Intelligence Agency is replete with numerous examples of political assassinations, not only in the US, but also of leaders of countries Washington disagrees with. So today, the CIA has actively begun developing various methods for the deliberate…

What Will Turkey’s Future Be Like?


Turkey marked its 94th anniversary in October, celebrating that anniversary with serious problems related to its latest strategic choice in foreign affairs. For an extended period in its history, Turkey’s politics were connected with its main geostrategic asset, the Bosphorus…

NATO Mobilizes Cyber Capabilities


At the peak of the WMD arms race, global balance was largely secured by nuclear weapons. Today the same role is increasingly being played by cyberwarfare. However, its relatively low cost and effectiveness in harming an enemy significantly expands the list of countries with modern…

The European Army without the Dictatorship of the USA?


In response to the USA’s request to increase defense expenditures, the European member states of NATO, at the insistence of France and Germany, have suggested establishing the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) within the EU…

Threshold of a Nuclear Conflict in South Asia


In recent months, the whole world has witnessed a campaign launched by the United States and its allies in South-East Asia and NATO against the DPRK because of the ‘nuclear threat from the Pyongyang.’ At the United States’ initiative, in…

Why Attempts to “Reorganize” Afghan Military Can be Perceived as a Major Challenge for the Region


It’s curious that American advisers in Afghanistan, while citing the decisions adopted at the International Conference on Afghanistan of 2011, as well as NATO’s Chicago summit of 2012, are now forcing Kabul…

Social Media: Good or Evil?


In recent decades, the Internet and social networks have developed into an innovative environment for communication and value-sharing, exerting a strong influence on the government, its institutions and individual citizens. Today, the Internet and social networks are rapidly…

China Increases Its Influence Over Afghanistan


It’s hardly a surprise that the United State is not the only state to recognize the geopolitical importance of Afghanistan. Among the other nations deeply involved in this Central Asian state is China. Ever since 2011, when…

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