Vladimir Platov

“Deadly Gifts” from the United States a Threat to Humanity


A recent article in The Wall Street Journal, which stated that in preparations for the NATO exercises in Europe an American Hellfire missile was mistakenly delivered to Cuba in 2014, can hardly surprise anyone. It matters little…

Holodomor in the United States


Yet another scandal is exploding on the Internet. The administration of free encyclopedia Wikipedia removed an article by a Russian researcher, devoted to assessing the loss of US citizens as a result of the Great Depression of 1932-33. Outraged bloggers…

American Special Forces and Countries of the Middle East and North Africa


Latest military conflicts involving the US exposed the new Washington’s combat operation tactic: first, achievement of domination in the air; second, deployment of air forces, tactical missiles and Special Forces in neutralization of…

A Dim Future for Holland’s “Broad Coalition”


After the brutal terrorist attacks that occurred on November 13 in Paris, France’s President Francois Hollande got actively involved in the creation of an international coalition against terrorism that would allow all major powers to work together…

Public Disclosure of Criminal Infrormation


In the recent years, analysts from the US and a growing number of European countries studying organized transnational criminal groups conclude that in the 21st century activities of these groups pose the main threat to the global security. Moreover,..

American Mercenaries: Who are they?


The number of mercenaries with U.S. passports in various hot spots has undergone a marked increase of late. Their motivation: ideals, money and adventure. However, it is noteworthy that many of these hired guns are American…

ISIL and Its Supporters Must Face International Trial


International media has been actively discussing the recent publication of the British edition of Mirror Online featuring shocking footage of Islamic State (ISIL) militants gunning down a total of 200 children, with their hands tied behind their backs…

Why Americans aren’t Happy with their Presidents


Despite strenuous attempts of the White House representatives to create a positive image of their master both in the country and abroad, millions of people from all over the world are getting disenchanted with this “man-made idol.” Despite the fact that…

Pakistan and the Imperial Ambitions of the United States


In the last two decades, the world has had a chance to see what tragedies and absurdities can be instigated by the imperial ambitions of Washington and the connivance of the international community. It was the White House’s desire to expand its political…

European Refugees and Terrorists


As The Sunday Express stated in the beginning of September in reference to a source in the Islamic State terrorist organization, more than four thousand Islamic State fighters have already entered many member countries…

Great Britain is a centre of “money laundering”


As it appears from the report recently published by the Bank of England, half of British banknotes are used for money laundering by criminal structures, or circulate abroad. The British shadow economy covers, primarily, criminal activity which in addition to…

Washington Is Expressing its Concerns over the State of Press Freedom


In order to limit the growing influence of Russia and China and at the same time slow  Eurasian integration down Washington has noticeably intensified its efforts to strengthen its positions in  post-Soviet states, especially in Central Asia…

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