Vladimir Platov

Big Pharma and its Crimes


Today most people are so consumed by their day-to-day problems that at times they tend to completely overlook the danger of certain medicines, vitamins and supplements that Western pharmaceutical companies sell them in order to get some profit. These people are careless…

Who is Obstructing the MH17 Investigation?


It’s been a year of investigation into the tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, that was shot down over Ukraine en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur but there’s little details to discuss, instead we are being presented with unfounded politically…

CIA is Using “Man’s Best Friends” for Spying


The activities of American intelligence services have received a somewhat extensive coverage from both the written media and different movie makers, and not just from Hollywood alone, which is explainable if one is to consider the staggering amount of funds that are…

Billions of Dollars Laundered Through United Kingdom Banks


The UK National Crime Agency recently stated that “hundreds of billions of US dollars” are laundered through banks in the United Kingdom every year. London holds first place among…

The CIA and Human Experiments


We used to think that cruel and inhuman experiments on human beings were conducted only in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. However, unfortunately, we ever more often find out that such experiments are performed almost regularly in the United States by US…

Western Politicians are Controlled by Washington


Documents that have recently been published by Wikileaks prove that the NSA has been wiretapping at least three French presidents along with a number of high-profile political figures. This information has provoked a true outrage in the French society and local…

The Price of War in Afghanistan


American politicians are particularly fond of stressing achievements of the American military intervention in Afghanistan that lasted for nearly 13 years. A while ago the US President Barack Obama underlined with a nonchalant bravado that Washington has reached its main…

ISIL Seeks Ways to Acquire WMD


Nobody will dispute the fact that ISIL militants are heavily armed. According to Conflict Armament Research, the arsenal of these radicals includes American automatic rifles along with Chinese anti-tank missiles and machine guns. A considerable percentage of these…

Hi-Tech Tools of ISIL Propaganda


Among the major terrorist threats of today, ISIL is not simply standing out because of its military and economic might, but aslo by its mstery of propaganda which is being carried out through media and social platforms. It’s curious that despite the fact that this…

ISIL: Ugly Washington’s Child


A considerable amount of evidence in support not only of the close ties with ISIL and involvement of the White House in the emergence of this terrorist radical formation, but also the US participation in the preparation of its militants and supplying them with…

Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defence Cooperation

Winter CruiseCleared for public release by Lt.Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, USS Kitty Hawk Public Affairs Officer
On April 27, 2015, the heads of the U.S. and Japanese Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, through the work…

Germany’s Responsibility in the American War in the Middle East

After the end of World War II, Germany actively sought to present itself as a recreated peaceful state using its…

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