Vladimir Platov

Spying in the German Banana Republic

A German spy employed by Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) was arrested in Berlin in early July 2014. He was charged with handing…

US Social Surveillance Abuse Puts Civil Liberties in Jeopardy

According to various publications in the American and foreign media, the United States has created a global system of cyber…

Iran and Modern Cyber Warfare

Today US intelligence services seem to finally have become aware of the potential damage a cyber-attack can inflict, therefore Washington is…

Project Coast: Who’s Behind the Recent Ebola Outbreak?

The report issued by the World Health Organization states that the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest…

Fight Against Cyber Warfare and the so-called “Goodware”

Cyber-attacks are becoming rather commonplace in today's world. Apart from individual hackers, acting alone or in teams of associate, cyber…

CIA’s Analysis of the International Trends to 2030

Attempts to predict the global trends is one of the key elements of Washington's policy, since if successful these attempts…

Washington Brings Africa Under Military Control

Against the background of actively discussed recent developments in the Middle East, Washington's activity in Africa has been given less…

Big Pharma Sells Ineffective, Potentially Deadly Anti-cancer Drugs

Medical experts are saying that the biggest flaw of Big Pharma today is a high percentage of ineffective products being sold…

White House is Planning to Conquer Cyberspace with its “Plan X”

In recent years, the White House has intensified its efforts to ensure its global domination trough various means, like waging…

Organized Crime – Major Threat of the 21st Century

In recent years, a growing number of European experts based on their conducted analysis of the activity of transnational organized…

Bacteria from US threatening the Mediterranean

Very disturbing information has emerged recently in several foreign news outlets: the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa is threatening to destroy the…

Women in Afghan National Police

Today in Afghanistan women make up half the population. During the days of the "Soviet presence" a certain number of them…

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