Vladimir Terehov

Two Rounds of US-China Talks are Behind Us. What’s Next?


An important event for international policy in 2019 has been held; two rounds of talks (between 7 and 9 January in Beijing, and between 30 and 31 January in Washington) dealt with the major challenge currently affecting relations between the two leading world powers, which is…

The USA’s Concerns About China’s Construction of New Ports in Various Countries


On November 15 last year the popular Hong Kong-based newspaper Asia Times published an article with the headline: Cambodia at the Center of a New Cold War. The article claimed that since 2017 China has been actively lobbying Cambodia’s government to allow it to build naval…

China, Germany and Japan at the Сentre of Davos 2019 Forum


The scheduled World Economic Forum, held at the end of January of this year in a Swiss town of Davos, was noteworthy in several ways. First of all we would like to highlight that its focus on Globalization 4.0 is a direct throwback to the times when the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution…

Developments in Japan’s Foreign Policy in January 2019


The trends in Japan’s foreign policy that have been evident over the last few months have continued to play out, and in fact, intensified in January 2019. It is worth noting that Japan is one of several key players in the global political game during the current “post-Cold War”…

Pakistan at Crossroads


We have already used the term “crossroads” when we discussed new trends in Japan’s foreign policy. These changes stem from an ongoing process of radical transformation that has engulfed the entire world of politics including the regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans. All the somewhat significant constituent parts…

President Xi Jinping On Policy Towards Taiwan


On 2 January 2019, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, gave a lengthy speech about PRC’s policy towards Taiwan, which global media outlets immediately focused their attention on. This is quite reasonable considering the fact, reported on by the New Eastern Outlook on more than one…

Comprehensive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Entered into Force


1 January 2019 marked the third day since the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) came into force. Irrespective of what will happen during this whole, still new year, the aforementioned event will remain among the most…

China Sends Europe Yet Another Positive Signal


On 18 December the Xinhua news agency publicized the state China’s Policy Paper on the European Union. We would like to highlight straightaway that this is not a unique document in the history of their official bilateral ties, established in 1975. Similar policy papers were issued in 2003 and 2014. But the latest in this series of documents has generated heightened interest from experts. The…

US Congress Intensifies anti-Chinese Efforts


The New Eastern Outlook has, on numerous occasions, reported that the trade and economic sphere is at the heart of the global confrontation, taking place on many fronts, between the two world powers (the USA and PRC). At present, the state of this sector is such that it has already…

Latest Political Goings-on in Japan


In recent months, Japan has borne witness to a series of various important events occurring with a greater frequency. And as they become increasingly staggered, processes within the nation’s political life begin to speed up as a result. We could refer, for instance, to the issue (discussed on numerous…

What the Latest Round of Local Elections in India Showed


On 11 December of this year, five Indian states held assembly elections and their results are certainly noteworthy. Especially in light of the upcoming general elections to the lower house of the Indian Parliament, a key event in the nation’s political life, to be held in spring…

Is Washington Changing its Policy Towards Pakistan?


During just the last two weeks of November and the beginning of December, it was possible to bear witness to an extraordinary transformation to the way the US President views Pakistan’s role in several significant (both past as well as current) events in world politics. On 19 November…

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