Why Doesn’t Washington like Russia Exporting Gas to East Asia?

The world is becoming more multipolar. But the United States is only one of its poles: It has a huge…

The Economic Challenges of the Arab Spring

The political situation in North Africa was characterized by a lack of prospects before the “Arab revolutions” broke out, and…

Qatar is Russia’s chief rival in the natural gas market

Qatar recently announced that it plans to compete with Russia in Southern Europe’s natural gas market. Qatari Prime Minister and…

The Syrian Crisis Reaches beyond the Country

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Syria’s civil war, which has turned its cities into ruins and taken the lives of more than 70,000 people, is…

The New Role of the Arab League in Regional and International Relations

The League of Arab States was formed after World War II, and after 68 years it is the oldest organization…

Islam Karimov’s Currency Reform

Uzbekistan’s rules for buying and selling foreign currencies changed in early February. President Islam Karimov approved a proposal by the…

The Events in Mali. Part 1

The media understand current events in Mali in the following terms. First of all, the political situation in Africa is…

North Korea’s Rocket “Miracle”

Something momentous happened with North Korea’s space program on December 12, 2012: An Unha-3 (“Milky Way-3”) rocket successfully launched a…

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 6

Some conclusions. I make no claim to cover China’s problems completely in this article. Nevertheless, the issues I discuss allow…

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 4

Problems of political stability § 1.  China’s chief domestic political stability problem is its ethnic heterogeneity. Unlike the European Union,…

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 3

Military-strategic issues. China’s military-strategic objectives derive from the many needs of its foreign trade and the foreign policy issues that…

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 2

Foreign policy problems.  China’s main foreign policy problem is that no threat nation wants to reduce it to a pathetic…

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