Abe Meets Xi then Modi: A New Asia ‘Cooperation Sphere’?


One of the more important consequences of the Trump Administration trade war against both China as well as Japan is the recent diplomatic and economic meeting between Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Not only was it the first such meeting…

China’s Hong Kong Mega Bridge Riles Former Colonialists


Officially called the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, the 55 kilometre-long bridge-tunnel is an engineering marvel physically connecting Hong Kong and Macau to China’s mainland. Beyond providing links to the mainland, the bridge helps form a wider…

Railway Partnership Agreement between Russia and India is Under Way


As is well known, Russian technologies are in high demand throughout the world, thanks to their high quality and relatively low cost. This applies both to technologies used in the space, defense and energy sectors…

The EU Russia China Plan to Avert Iran Oil Sanctions


It may well be that the unilateral wrecking ball politics of the Trump Administration are bringing about a result just opposite from that intended. Washington’s decision to abandon the Iran nuclear agreement and impose severe sanctions on companies trading Iran oil as of…

Drowning in Debt Forever: The Fate of Africa Seems Irreversible


Headlines this week from western mainstream media paint an Africa-China financial crisis brewing. On the contrary, Chinese and African news reveals a “win-win” financial atmosphere mostly. These conflicting “truths” prompted me to report about Africa debt, and just what…

Washington’s Protectionism is only Leading to the US Dollar Demise


As it’s been pointed out by a multitude of experts from both the US and other regions of the world, a barrage of attacks with the goal of eroding Washington’s hegemony at the energy trading market will be one of the main battlefields where the future of America’s…

China Aims to Convert Syria into a Strategic Territory


The potential end of the war in Syria has already started to attract investors for the country’s reconstruction and its millions of peoples’ rehabilitation and employment. While no one country can single-handedly put Syria back on track, not every country’s economic investment in Syria…

EU Punches the US in the Face Over Trade with Iran


As we analyzed previously for NEO in this piece, the US policy of sanctions vis-à-vis Iran has put it in diplomatic isolation, forcing its most trusted ally since the Second World War, Europe, in an antagonistic position. While the reason for this geo-political distance lies in…

Qatar: a Wise Man Can Grow a Palm Tree Amidst the Desert (proverb)


In the midst of unjust and severe sanctions from a number of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia, the small Emirate of Qatar under the wise rule of its Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani manages to not only successfully overcome all difficulties, but also even achieve new…

Will Fed Engineer Next Crash to Topple Trump?


For those who follow major financial markets closely, the warning signs of the next major US financial market Tsunami are gaining more frequency daily. Some weeks ago attention was on so-called Emerging Markets, especially Turkey, Argentina, Indonesia, India or Mexico. What is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media is the relation of…

Offshore Energy Richness and America’s Mauritania Frenemy


News that a prominent anti-slavery activist named Biram Dah Abeid was arrested in Mauritania coincides with the revelation oil giant Shell is to begin exploring oil and gas offshore the West African country. The country with one of the worst human rights records is also a poker chip…

Strengthening the Partnership between Mongolia, Russia and China


As readers will remember, in their third meeting, which took place during the 16th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2016, the presidents of Russia, China and Mongolia signed an official inter-governmental agreement…

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