Now Indonesia in Love with Trains – China’s BRI Ready to Help


Not long ago, they used to be an absolute disaster: Indonesian trains. Compared to the Dutch colonial era, the network has shrunk dramatically, from 6,811 km to 5,910km in 1950, and to a disastrous 3,000 km recently. Just a few years ago, passengers used to climb onto the roofs…

US EPA Says Glyphosate OK Despite Contrary Evidence


The US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to approve renewal of the license for the controversial glyphosate pesticide, this, despite mounting and alarming evidence it is not only probably carcinogenic, but also cause of multiple other debilitating health…

Who is to Take Responsibility for Man-made Earthquake in Pohang-si?


On 15 November 2018, a magnitude-5.4 earthquake struck the environs of the Pohang-si city, located in the North Gyeongsang Province. It was the second most powerful temblor in the modern history of South Korea since instrumental earthquake monitoring had begun…

Agent Orange Still Lives on in Tombstones and Broken Bodies


The ghost of the Vietnam War continues to haunt those Americans still alive who fought in it. Gordon Duff fears he may be the last of his two squads still alive, a lonely honor, or dishonor depending on how one looks at it. This is not a cheap shot at the Vets. They had no say…

Evidence of Intent by the President to Support Wahabbism


In a recent tweet by US presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard, the Army colonel and congresswoman called President Donald Trump out on America’s controversial support of Saudi Arabia. The candidate’s record and her recent gestures are at the center of what will be a pivotal American…

Ignorance and Russophobia


The roots of Russophobia run deep in the US. They go much further than censored or slanted media or political gameplaying in Washington. What has to, or at least should be accepted is that Russophobia is a belief system, just like a religion, but with no spiritual nature, no holy…

Donald Trump … Tweetler too Cute and Sanctioning Sanctuary Cities


The best ways to keep up with US domestic policy, at least in terms of immigrants, is to follow Trump’s tweets and then read some of the official press releases from Homeland Security in tandem with them, especially those about combating irregular migration patterns…

Notre Dame – Glory or Shame?


The heart of France is on fire. An inferno rocked France. Notre Dame, cultural icon of France and UNESCO declared World Heritage, was burning. The flames devastated the wooden roof and the spire. They caused, at first sight, only light damage on the 12th century cathedral’s structure and historic treasures, as most of the latter were either removed for the ongoing renovation, or were either removed…

Glyphosate Worse Than We Could Imagine


As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage. A second US court jury case just ruled that Monsanto, now a part of the German Bayer AG, must…

The Persecution of Julian Assange Sends Some Alarming Signals


The arrest of Julian Assange by British police on 11 April 2019 raises a number of troubling questions. It naturally enough provoked the outrage of Assange’s supporters; a blandly noncommittal comment by the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs (“appropriate consular assistance”)…

To Avoid a War with Itself, America is on the Warpath Yet Again


There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the place the US will find itself in three decades, when the world finds itself celebrating New Year’s 2050. In this context, it’s been noted that Americans remain pessimistic about many aspects of life in the land of the free…

Stop That Gucci And Prada Talk – Chinese And Russians People Want To Live, Too!


I hear this again and again, whenever I speak in the West: “What kind of Communism is that, in China? In all big cities, they have Prada and Gucci in every major department store.” Western leftists are obsessed with this topic…

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