Quick America – Take Over Africa Before China Does!


The Donald Trump administration has finally appointed a State Department undersecretary to head up Africa policy. Tibor Nagy, the new assistant secretary of state, inherits an American imperialist attitude and big business dominated mess that can only get worse for Africans…

Big Energy Versus the Forgotten Sahrawi of Western Sahara


In North Africa, the devastating effects of European colonialism still smolder. Hundreds of millions of lives are affected, freedom is suppressed, and progress is stifled by outside influences still largely in control. A case in point is the territory of Western Sahara, and a people…

Is Algeria the Litmus Test for Modern Colonialism?


Once the central hub of Carthaginian power in ancient times, Algeria today is one of Africa’s most prosperous nations. However, prosperity these days comes at a heavy cost to the people of the world, and Algerians are mightily weighed down like most other nations by greedy…

Jihadism Spreads like Wildfire Across Africa


In recent years, the discussion about the rapid spread of Islamic radicalism across Africa has been consistently making front pages of most of the local and international media sources. Among the most active and most radical terrorist organizations operating in Africa one can single out Boko Haram…

China and Africa


China is employing a foreign policy strategy in Africa that is both an inherent part of and intertwined with Beijing’s foreign policy doctrine. Its main aim is to turn the African continent into China’s strategic asset, whose purpose would be to grow PRC’s political and economic might and enable China to position itself as a superpower…

African Policy of France at Emmanuel Macron Presidency


As it is well known, prior to the beginning of the 1960-s, France was the major colonial power. All Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania) and also present Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal, the Union of the Comoros, the CAR and Chad were under…

India and Africa

africa NEO collage 9564

There are deep historical roots in India’s interest in Africa. A rather big and influential Indian community or, more precisely, communities, has long lived on the Dark continent especially in its eastern and southern parts. The total number of these communities is about 2,8 million people. More than…

How Does Djibouti Resemble the Small Tower from the Russian Folk Tale?


On the territory of a dwarfish (23,000 sq. km) East African country, Djibouti, located on the shores of the Red Sea, which connects the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean, the bases of the former overlords – France (essentially…

Donald Trump and Africa


The matter of attitude of administration of the D. Trump towards Africa and its problems for the long time was on the fringes of interest of world media mainly because of scandals which shook Washington after the inauguration of the new US President because of alleged “Russian trace”…

Russian Peaceful Atom is Supporting Peace in Africa


As is well-known, Russia is one of the most popular suppliers of nuclear technologies. The experience and high safety standards of Russian nuclear specialists are recognised throughout the world. Many developing countries in Africa…

You’ve Heard of the Russian Revolution — Now Look What’s Happening in Zimbabwe!


People all over the world are still fascinated by events in Russia in 1917. Even a cursory glance at this period shows they were momentous times to live in, with history unfolding in front of people seemingly under…

The Role of China in the Fate of Somalia


The current events in Somalia cause even greater concern. Against the background of the severe economic situation and the military confrontation of the many groups, having divided the country into the spheres of influence throughout the…

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