Algeria is on the brink of crisis

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According to the local press, the head of the Algerian Intelligence and Security Department (ISD) General Mohamed Mediene, the true…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 2)

Returning to the use of the Western technologies for “color revolutions” in the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, we…

Algeria on the Verge of Change

Recent news in the Western and, primarily, the French media about the health of Algeria’s president are being used by…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 1)

The strategies of indirect action and soft power are currently the most effective means of geopolitical struggle used by the…

FEMEN — a Weapon of Political Provocateurs

Political activists have recently begun increasingly performing acts that greatly harm public morality in order to create instability in individual…

The Events in Mali. Part 2

Tuareg leaders could certainly have come up with the idea of forming their own state in Mali and parts of…

The Events in Mali. Part 1

The media understand current events in Mali in the following terms. First of all, the political situation in Africa is…

Mali: Islamists, Tuaregs and French interests

Carte blanche The UN Security Council supported the military operation France carried out in Mali on January 14 and gave…

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