Asian-Pacific region

Russian and Japan are Building Up the Economic Co-operation


As is well known, both the geographical position of Japan and its need for the import of hydrocarbon fuels have facilitated the development of relations of that country with Russia. Only the long-standing Kuril Islands dispute stopped Japan from becoming one of the main…

Australia’s “White Paper on Foreign Policy” is Officially Released


Australia’s “The White Paper on Foreign Policy” published on November 23 ) is important for a number of reasons. Mainly because we are talking about the first document of this kind for the last 14 years from a country…

Australia’s Foreign Affairs White Paper Looks to the Past


The latest Australian White Paper on foreign affairs published in November 2017 was the first such attempt to define Australia’s place in the modern geopolitical world and how it might appropriately respond to regional and global challenges since 2003. The world…

DFAT’s White Paper and Modern Reality


In 2018 the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) will release a new White Paper, setting out possible scenarios for the future conduct of Australia’s foreign policy. It would be unwise to expect any substantial, let alone radical, departure from the foreign policy…

India, China, and the USA: the Situation around Mauritius


An island state, the Republic of Mauritius is not a frequent news item. The republic consists of the two large islands – Mauritius and Rodriguez, and a number of small islands and reefs in the Indian Ocean, 900 km east of…

Australia Joins SCS Military Parade


The two-month sail of a fleet of six vessels belonging to the Australian Navy, which started on September 4 this year, became a very remarkable event in the geopolitical game in the South China Sea, in which all leading world powers are being gradually drawn…

On the Current Political Situation in the Asia-Pacific Region

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The summer of this year has turned out to be a prolific one, especially for historic events that collectively provide an overall picture of the status and trends of the political chess game unfolding in the Asia-Pacific…

Trump Sets Oceania Alight


With the coming to power of the new US president Donald Trump, the tiny countries of Oceania, which have always been in dire need of additional funding, have made attempts to find out how far his pre-election slogan “Let’s make America great again!” will extend. Specifically, whether America…

August 15 and the North-East Asia Conundrum


August 15 presents itself as a landmark date in the new history of the Asia-Pacific Region and, in particular, the North-East Asia Sub-Region. On this day in 1945, the then-Emperor of Japan, Hirohito, issued a historical statement…

The Shangri-La Dialogue and the Situation in the Asian-Pacific Region


At the very beginning of June Singapore hosted the annual Shangri-La Dialogue summit that proved to be one of the most notable international forums which discusses the issues of security in the Asian-Pacific Region (APR) in…

One Belt, One Road: Opportunities and Challenges for Australia


“China”, Napoleon once remarked, “is like a sleeping lion. Let here sleep, for when she awakens she will shake the world.” In 2013 in a speech delivered in Astana, Kazakhstan, China’s President Xi Jinping outlined an ambitious…

Time to Rethink Australian Defence Policy


The recent visit to Australia by the US Vice-President Mike Pence and statements by both Prime Minister Turnbull and Opposition leader Shorten have highlighted yet again the singularly dangerous path that Australia is following in…

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